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Chupke Se

The makers of hit films Khatta Meetha, Chashme Buddoor, Jalwa, Hero Hiralal are back with one more comedy flick "Chupke Se". Chupke Se is produced by Jayshree Makhija and Nirmal Anand under the banner of PLA Entertainment. and directed by Shona Urvashi. The movie stars new comers Masumi and Zulfikar Syed in leads, music is by Vishal Bharadwaj with lyrics by Gulzar. Zulfikar also plays the role of Shahjahan in Akbar Khan's Tajmahal.

The movie is a love story of Varun (Zulfikar) a dotcom who needs to see the fun side of love and megha (Masumi) who's in search of fame and dotcom millionaire

The Story
Varun, a dotcom millionaire has spent his life surfing the net. He has lost his teenage years behind the monitors of virtual reality. He now excuses himself from his mundane life and is ready to take reality head on.

Megha dreams of having the most fun-filled life that ever was. She longs for the life of virtual reality as promised by ever-mesmerizing television, beauty contests and films. The wonderfully cozy home and a spontaneous, albeit predictable life is not enough...She dreams the dream of wearing the crown and becoming a celebrity.

In their quest to find their dreams, they find eachother and... the love story starts.

Varun chases Megha, Megha chases her dreams. Megha's father Mr. Timgire (Dilip Pravabhakar), the income tax man, chases the dream maker Almira (Rati Agnihotri). The Don (Om Puri) chases the Taxman. 'The dream maker Almira chases the dreamers. The police chase the Don. A merry go round of madness n' mayhem creates this comical love story that is naughty by nature.

Releasing Mid-September

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