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Gandhi My Father

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The legacy of ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi is one that has, and will continue to inspire the social, spiritual and political evolution of nations throughout the world. ‘Mahatma’ meaning ‘the great soul’, he changed the history of India and fuelled its autonomy from British rule, through peaceful activism, finally achieved in 1947. His unfettered journey towards India’s independence was a labour of unconditional love but, tragically, it was these very principles that induced estrangement from the eldest of his three sons, Harilal. The price and paradox of being revered by an entire nation as their father was that Gandhi’s own son severed the personal and emotional ties that once linked them, perceiving his father’s greatness as a curse around his neck. As Gandhi continued to guide India towards liberation, Harilal was lost in his own, personal wilderness. This untold story lights a candle to the darkness that engulfed the bond between a father and son, and the suffering endured, both inwardly and out, as the tragic price paid for one man’s greatness.

Based on his thought-provoking play, Mahatma v/s Gandhi, veteran thespian of Indian theatre and cinema Feroz Khan has combined his unparalleled talents as a writer and director with the production skills of fellow industry stalwart Anil Kapoor, to create the most affecting film of modern times.

Although inspired by the philosophies and teachings of one of the greatest men of the modern world, the groundbreaking GANDHI MY FATHER is far from a biopic account or portrayal of Gandhi’s struggle towards India’s independence. Delving deep into the personal tragedy that Gandhi kept secret from the world, Feroz Khan’s filmic tour de force focuses on the doomed relationship between a father respected by an entire nation, but rebuked by a son who was disowned, and whose bitter end was the result of years of abject alcoholism.

At the forefront of Indian theatre today, Feroz Khan is recognized as much for exploring new forms, as for bringing Hindi theatre and film, mainstream recognition. In a career spanning more than two decades, he has directed some of India’s finest acting talent, both from stage and cinema, and his English theatre production of Mahatma v/s Gandhi created a sensation wherever it was staged.

Coming from a family that has been involved in the art of filmmaking for the past 50 years, actor Anil Kapoor has entered the realm of production with GANDHI MY FATHER, and brings thorough knowledge and wide experience to the craft. He forays into independent production with his banner, Anil Kapoor Films Company, joining hands with the London-listed, leading integrated media and entertainment Company Eros International, to bring to the audiences a story that gives fascinating insight into Gandhi’s life; not so much as father of the nation, but as a father to his son, Harilal.

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