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Send Garam Masala EcardsAce director Priyadarshan is readying up with yet another film GARAM MASALA, again a comic rollercoaster. The director has again teamed up with the hunky Akshay Kumar after that hilarious laugh-riot HERA PHERI, which also had Priyadarshan's favourite actor Paresh Rawal. HERA PHERI was a runaway hit. Hence, GARAM MASALA has fanned up the audiences' expectations.

In Garam Masala, Akshay Kumar is Mac, the  handsome khiladi who plays some naughty games with three gorgeous air hostesses; and some mean ones with his long suffering fiancee.

Download Garam Masala WallpapersJohn Abraham is Sam, as bad as Mac when it comes to flirting; slightly worse when it comes to lying. Known for his swoon worthy looks, this film reveals his funny bones besides those taut muscles.

Paresh Rawal is Mambo, a cranky but cute cook, whose main job is to ensure that none of the three girls know of each other's existence in Mac's flirtatious life.

Priti, Sweety and Puja (Daisy, Neetu, Nargis) are the three gorgeous but Send Garam Masala Ecardsgullible airhostesses, What happens when a good for nothing handsome hunk like Mac (Akshay Kumar) finds himself in possession of an empty flat and access to three gorgeous air hostesses Priti, Sweety and Puja (Daisy, Neetu, Nargis)? What happens when Mac who is already engaged to Anjali (Riimi Sen), convinces each of the three girls that she is the one and only one for him? What happens when Sam (John Abraham), once Mac's best friend now sworn enemy threatens to reveal Mac's harem to Anjali? What happens when all the girls land in the flat at the same time?

The film travels through all these zigzags which ultimately gives rise to Download Garam Masala Wallpapershilarious mayhem desired by the movie. Though Priyadarshan has got to his credit sensitive movies like VIRASAT, SAAT RANG KE SAPNE and KAALAPANI, of late he has earned the reputation of dishing out comedies which have been stupendously successful, making him a kind of a comedy 'specalist'. GARAM MASALA is yet another movie on the same note. The music for the movie has been provided by the talented Pritam who has created a sensation with his music for the movie DHOOM. Lyrics been penned by the seasoned Sameer.

All the Priyadarshan  fans, just hang on, it's still sometime before you know how 'GARAM' this 'MASALA' is going to be!

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