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The censor Board must be ready with their scissors. They do seem to have plenty on their hands. With films becoming Bolder than before, filmmakers are not only experimenting with new subjects, but also with the audience. A film titled "Girlfriend" may at first glance seem simple. If the title is anything to go by, then it is about a female protagonist who plays ladylove to Mr. X. But Karan Razdan believes in doing things a little differently. His current project titled" Girlfriend", has an unusual twist to it.

Having completed "Hawas", his latest film Girlfriend is slated for a May release. Produced by Harry Baweja of 'Qayamat' fame, the films Starrs Ashish Chowdhry, Isha Koppikar and Amrita Arora. The story explores the concept of 'lesbianism'. Amrita and Isha are childhood friends in the film. Isha's character by nature is obsessive. Having had a difficult childhood, she is possessive of her friend (the character played by Amrita Arora). Talking about her role in the film, Isha Koppikar (in an excerpt from an interview) claimed" "I play a character who did not have a normal childhood. I am very possessive about my friend Amrita. When Ashish enters her life, my possessiveness turns into obsession." Amrita further adds in,"Especially after my item-number 'Dilli Ki Sardi', I am making a conscious effort of doing better and stronger roles. Though I don't know of any real life incident like the one in this film, I can very well relate to the characters. Abroad, young girls do come strongly on members of their same sex."

Rumour mills have it that the film is inspired by Richard Gere film' Unfaithful".

The story portrays the shades of friendship, love and womanhood. Amrita Arora as Isha Koppikar's childhood friend in the film, is caught between her friend and her boyfriend, played by Ashish Chowdhry. She loves both of them. From Isha's side, it is obvious that it is more than just a platonic relationship. This film just proves that Models are getting their fair share in the film industry. First Karan Shot Shawar Ali In his film "Hawas", now it is the turn of Ashish Chowdhry in Girlfriend. Having played a role in Harry Baweja's Qayamat, Ashish seems to have his hands full. As to why the director thought of such a topic for his film, only he can answer. In an excerpt from an interview, Karan Razdan claimed "There are no hot scenes between the two girls, but you have to read between the lines and understand the film. I have seen such a sandwich in real life. If you see carefully around you, there are many cases of such type." We will have to wait and see the film, to decide if the public can digest such themes. Men beware; such movies are probably portraying reality!

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