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The contestants - Sidhant De' and Rrutu Joshi

Download Hum Dum WallpapersRrutu Joshi (Anjana) lives life on her own terms. Understands family values. Wants money and does not mind having to slog for it. Is engaged to Ashutosh, who is smart intelligent and everything a girl would ever want in her husband. But Rrutu has a problem. A problem that seems small to everyone except her. And she needs a huge sum of money. So, she plays 'HUMDUM', the game of love and money... only for the money

Sidhant De' (Romit Raaj) chills out. Watches triple X films. Wants money without having to slog for it. Is brash, lazy and shameless. Is everything a girl would never want in her husband. But in his vagabond life, something goes wrong. And Sidhant needs a huge sum of money. So he plays 'HUMDUM', the game of love and money... only for the money.

Download Hum Dum WallpapersTwo people who have never met are chosen to play the biggest game show ever, 'HUMDUM', the game of love and money.
Prize money: Rs. 10 Crore each. To win this, all they have to do is NOT fall in love.
They think it is the simplest way to make money. Till they actually start playing.

4 crazy rounds
1 Final countdown
And then the ultimate question..
"Do you want 10 Crore or each other?"

Round 1 - Mujhse Dosti Karoge
The friendship round. The round where Sidhant and Rrutu are supposed to become friends. Supposed to...
But what happens is just the opposite. They go on a weeklong date to shopping malls, theatres and restaurants. But the date turns into a nightmare.
It is hate at first sight and both of them fight, pull dirty tricks and behave nastily. By the end of this round, they simply want to kill each other

Round 2 - Yeh Tera Ghar Ya Mera Ghar.
Sidhant will be spending 31/2 days in Rrutu's house. Rrutu would be spending 31/2 days in Sidhant's house. The hitch is that they have to be liked by each other's families or else they will be disqualified.
Sidhant meets up with a loving Mom, a forgetful dad, a crazy granny and a horrible kid brother. Andhe turns this mad house even madder.
Rrutu gets to Know Sidhant's Dad. A man who is fighting to forget the memories of a dead wife. A man who is sick of his son. And has lost the will to live. She gives him just that. A will to live.
7 Days later, Sidhant and Rrutu feel they know a softer side of the other person. They can do without killing each other.

Round 3 - Hum Saath Saath Hain.
Download Hum Dum WallpapersSidhant and Rrutu. 7 Days. A hip - hop resort. All the romance thrown in. And no disturbances.
Rrutu's fiance', Ashutosh's family is aghast. How on earth can she go to an unknown place with an unknown man? But frankly, does she have a choice?
Sidhant and Rrutu reach Goa and it is now that both of them start feeling an unavoidable attraction towards each other.
Moments of happiness. And grief. The beaches. The sands. The water.
The most impossible love story has begun.

Round 4 - Akele Hum Akele Tum
One week. Sidhant and Rrutu will not be allowed to meet each other.
They think this is the simplest round. Turns out to be the toughest one.
It is now that they both realize it is impossible to live without each other. But they also know that it is pointless even trying to speak of love. They both need the money!
The date for Rrutu's marriage is approaching and she knows that she will eventually have to leave India soon. With Ashutosh. She also knows that she has to get the money. At any cost.
Sidhant too knows that he desperately needs the money to solve his problem. At any cost.

The final countdown - Pyaar Chahiye Ya Paisa Chahiye
60 seconds.
Download Hum Dum Wallpapers1 question.
Love or Money?

If they chose love:
Forget the money.
Live a life with each other.
A happy ending
But what do they do about the money they need?

If they chose money:
Cannot meet each other for 20 years of their lives
Get 10 Crores each.
A happy ending
But what do they do about the love they need?

Download Hum Dum WallpapersThese 60 seconds seem like a lifetime. They remember the happy times, the sad times, the bas times, the fights, the making up, the smiles, the tears, the hatred and the love. And at the end of 60 seconds, they both press a button.

But who is going to be their HUMDUM? Love or Money?

HUMDUM is the first ever film based on the novel concept of a game show. The first contestant being the coke model, Anjana. This young beauty has already bagged more than fifty ads and is the new fresh face in the glamour world. The other contestant being Romit Raaj who shot to fame with his innocent charm in Star TV's mega show 'Shakalaka Boom Boom' and was also chosen as the main model for the HDFC Bank Campaign. The lead pair was selected after an extensive audition of over 1500 aspirants.

Download Hum Dum WallpapersRomit and Anjana were extensively trained by theatre personality Om Katare, Terence Lewis, Shiamak Davar and Oscar. Their looks were styled by Avaan Contractor.
HUMDUM has been shot in a span of 67 days in 59 different locations on 9 huge contemporary sets.
HUMDUM, a young romantic film shot in Goa, Mumbai, and suburbia Mumbai, is filled with moments of laughter and unpredictable, fun filled twists.

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