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Director :  V.K. Prakash
Music :  Jaidev Kumar, Jeet Ganguly and Bilal Saeed
Lyrics :  Kumaar, Kauser Munir, Bilal Saeed and Manoj Muntashir
Starring :  Mahaakshay Chakraborty, Evelyn Sharma and Mohit Dutta

Ishqedarriyaan Movie Preview

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ISHQEDAARIYAAN is a story about love, sacrifice, family values and relationships!!!!

RISHTEDARRIYAAN means relationships and ISHQEDAARIYAAN means relationship when you fall in love!


The story is of LOVE of Agam Diwan (Mahaakshay) towards his father ... and his profession... His commitment towards his work, WHICH has made him one of the richest Indians. He lives in the US and has been buying companies all over the world.

Agam does not believe in his personal publicity and he has a mantra ''that work hard and people will know you''. Kaaya, A Journalist wants his interview and has been working on the getting to know more about him. In this journey she gets to know something which totally changes the image of AGAM DIWAN for her. She tells the same to Agam and his Friend / Manager Rahul (Kevin Dave) which makes him question his past !!!
To find the truth on this news they travel to Himachal Pradesh (India). They have to find this family in question and He has promised to himself to give this family half his wealth....

Agam though Rahul comes to know that Luvleen (EVELYN SHARMA) is running a school in Himachal and she along with her Dadi (Suhasini Mulay) are the only two survivors in the family.

Luvleen is going through a big crises in life there is no money, No Teachers and all she wants is to keep the school running AS this was her Grand Dad's wish!...

Agam is here to talk to her and give her half of his wealth .....

When they meet She takes Agam for a new teacher and AGAM just is speechless on meeting Luvleen, He is totally struck with the simple beauty, He takes on an identity which Luvleen wants to see and does not reveal the real reason for the meeting and decides to know her better!

During this journey , He (AGAM) gets her funds to run the school and he falls in Love with LUVLEEN and one day asks her ''Imagine I am God, and if you had a wish .. what would you want God to give you'' Hoping for an answer where she will ask for MONEY or may be AGAM!!

Luvleen asks for ''ARJUN'' (Mohit) (The second character)... And tells Agam that this is MY WISH... IF ARJUN comes and proposes to me... And then she laughs off this by saying '' Some dreams are only to see'' ... AGAM IS HEARTBROKEN!!! He still smiles(While he is crying in his heart) and tells her that her wish will be granted ...... Here starts his journey of SACRIFICE for someone he has secretly loved ....

Agam gets them (ARJUN AND LUVLEEN) together and also gets them to finalize the date of the wedding so that they can live happily thereafter.....

Rahul (Kevin) tells him that it is time to go back ........

Will the PAST STORY from the journalist still keep on hounding AGAM?
Will AGAM be happy in the Sacrifice he has made towards the girl he fell in love with?
Will Luvleen realize the purpose of AGAM coming to her life ?
Will Luvleen understand that AGAM loved her a lot?
Will ARJUN understand the relationship between AGAM and LUVLEEN?
Will all this make ISHQEDARRIYAAN (Relationship in love) a better relationship than RISHTEDARRIYAAN!