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He's an ordinary man with a strong sense of justice and he hopes to achieve what others aspire to. But his dream is about to be shattered. A larger than life format, a staccato style narrative of a bristling pace with an intensity and heart that grips you by the ears, locks you eyeball to eyeball and then... doesn't let go!

View James Movie StillsThis is how we look at a Hero.
Call it a low angle
Call it a comic book
Call it James.

The sole purpose is to experience a surge of Blood and an Adrenalin rush... the kinds of which only a child feels in awe of a... HERO.

It's our tribute to every Ideal that man holds aloft, a tribute to THE HERO AND THE-HEROIC IN MAN.

The story begins with establishing the reign of fear in the city of Bombay, by a handful of people controlling the political power. This is one family headed by 'Shanti Narayan' whose mainstay and strength now is his Brutality.

Then we traverse to the story of this young man - James, arriving in Bombay with nothing but a shoulder bag, nerves of steel and bundles of raw courage. (Doesn't it make one remember the way SATYA opened with Satya arriving in Mumbai with just a handbag).

He has come to stay with his childhood friend 'Babloo' and lands up a job as the head of bouncers at a popular nightclub.

View James Movie Stills'Nisha' is introduced. She's a vivacious city girl with a sense of pride to match. Later in the story we are to see how the casual acquaintance between James and Nisha develops into friendship and mutual admiration.

James finds himself at loggerheads with a pitch drunk guy misbehaving in the club. This guy has a fixation for Nisha. James sets the guy right, to find that he turns out to be the younger brother of Shanti Narayan, 'Radhe Narayan'.

James is hunted for by THE FAMILY and not finding him - his friend 'Babloo' is killed.

What ensues is a designed setup of fights - both, battles of Fistfights and battle of moves. The CLIMAX is a catharsis of the entire journey of James, and the entire process, which this one man goes through but does not yield to the evil forces.

Though the story appears to be somewhere inspired by Ramu's own SATYA, who knows what is in store of JAMES.

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