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Love in Nepal

Love in Nepal strives to re-define the humour/action genre in Indian cinema, with advertising as its backdrop, shot mostly in Pokhara and the mountainous holiday spots of Mustang district. The movie is Rajat Mukherjee's first film outside the Ramgopal Verma production.

After Jaani Dushman and Kash Aap Hamare Hote opposite Juhi Babbar, Now sonu Nigam is playing the male lead sporting a new look with new hairstyle and french beard. Sonu Nigam plays Abby, a wild and wacky creative head of an emerging advertising agency called Madness. A compulsive flirt, he also has his own unique style of functioning, which is, in other words exemplified by the term, 'The King of only the good times'. His way of functioning is threatened, when Meenaxi Malhotra, popularly called as Maxi (Fllora Saini), joins as the Vice-President operations, after the takeover of the agency by a multi national entity. Maxi hates the guts and especially the attitude of Abby, and is hell bent on teaching him a lesson. This starts of a series of episodes of one up (wo)manship between the two. Love in Nepal features Fllora Sini in the female lead after a cameo in Bharat Bhagya Vidhata. She has also done some South Indian Movies and is awaiting her yet another release 'Aur Phir Ek Din'.

This rivalry is carried on to Nepal, where they have gone to shoot for an advertising film, little knowing that their lives were going to change forever. Abby's undisciplined behaviour soon starts acting as a catalyst for Maxi, who is gradually attracted to him.

All of a sudden, events take an interesting turn whereas these adversaries are forced to go on the run from literally everyone in sight in Nepal. Will Abby and maxi, however their newfound mutual attraction for eachother maybe, is able to figure out these unexpected new events? The answer is yes as not only they find the answers but also a soul mate in each other in their own immitable styles.

All throughout, the film does not lose sight of the repartee between Abby and Maxi at a tremendous and entertaining pace.

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