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Download Lucky WallpapersWith a partnership spanning over six years, the director duo Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru rewrote the rules of creating, marketing and packaging music with blockbuster videos like - 'Maine Payal Hai Chankai', 'Parde Mein Rehne Do', 'Kaanta Laga' and many more. Having picked up MTV, Channel V, Screen, Zee and RAPA awards several times over for their brilliant videos, they felt the need to give new direction to their creative instincts with their foray into feature films. 'Lucky - No Time For Love' is their first full-length commercial film. With story screenplay and direction by the talented team, the film promises to be an emotional, musical and visual extravaganza.

Salman Khan (Aditya Sekhri) - For a love story based on the classic tradition of "innocent meets sophisticate", Salman Khan plays the dashing protagonist who finally rescues the damsel in distress with great style and charm.

Sneha Ullal (Lucky) - A rigrourous casting process for a fresh-faced, wide-eyed eighteen year old to play the title role was on, when the directors received a call from Salman Khan who said that Arpita (his sister) says there's a girl in her college who's a dead ringer for this role. A screen test was done-sans make-up and without a rehearsal. The decision was unanimous - Sneha Ullal was Lucky.

Send Lucky - No Time For Love EcardsSet against the romantic backdrop of St. Petersburg, Lucky is a tale of love that brings together two people who would probably have never met if not for the hand of destiny.

Lucky (Sneha Ullal) is the quintessential dreamer - soft, beautiful and gentle. Her one big belief - that if you search from the bottom of your heart then you can find the rainbow, not just the rainbow but also the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow.

One calm 'Petersburg' morning Lucky's riding to school and calling on all her guardian angels to grant her a miracle - a teeny weenie, itsy bitsy one - "Please GOD I wish from the bottom of my heart that school is shut today."

But sometimes your deepest wish can turn into your worst nightmare. Her journey to school becomes her most desperate journey of survival. Caught by an unexpected wave of insurgency in St. Petersburg, Lucky tries to flee to safety. But there is no safety. As dread and fear overtake, she meets a stranger, a fellow countryman, Aditys Sekhri (Salman Khan) who's smart, wicked, charming and a true blue sophisticate.

They have nothing in common... She's excessively naive and he's too blaze. They are bound together by just one common goal... to reach home safely.

Download Lucky WallpapersAnd now begins an unforgettable journey - from burning highways and moldy cemeteries to abandoned theatres and icy snowdrifts. A journey where violence and tragedy stalk them constantly... where there is little time for talk and survival comes only from being constantly on guard.

As they march through savage ambushes and the icy wilderness of a foreign land, they discover the limits of their endurance.

They also discover that love can creep in on you... though there's no time for love!

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