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Men Are different from women and this fact will never change. All men love their independence, and they will go to any extent to maintain it, even if it means jeopardizing their marriage. Meet Amar, Meet and Prem who do just that. They thought marriage would be the absolute blessing in disguise. So the three bachelors get married. But as the cliched saying goes" the grass is always greener on the other side", so is the case here. Pre-marriage, they thought marriage would be about Masti, but ironical As it is, there is no masti in their lives. As friends' way back in college, a re-union after a gap of 3 years unites them once again. They pour out their heart's sorrows and the miseries of a married life. This is the point, when they decide to have some fun. Even if it means being promiscuous or blatantly shameless.

The thought of cheating on their wives does not pinch them even a wee bit. But fate has different plans for them. Director Indra Kumar of 'Ishq' fame tries his hand at comedy once again in this film that is titled "Masti". Once again, this is a mutli starrer. Amrita Rao, Genelia D'Souza and Tara Sharma play the three respective wives. Lara Dutta makes a guest appearance. Both films (Ishq and Masti) have one common factor- Ajay Devgan. Devgan plays a cop in the film. These three friends, Amar, Prem and Meet are caught in a web of events and trouble follows them like their best friend. They are a part of a mysterious plot, of which they are not aware. They must find a way out of this mess. And to make matters worse, they must hide their intentions from their wives who are unsuspecting of their husbands.

Produced by Inder Kumar and Ashok Thackeriya, the film is not making everyone dance to their tunes as intended. Composer Anand Raj Anand has done an ok job, which is surprising since he has given some good music to the industry. Slated for an April 2004 release, lets us hope this film is all about masti and only masti.

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