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View Main Meri Patni Aur Woh Movie StillsActor Rajpal Yadav is all set to display his histrionics once again in the upcoming movie MAIN, MERI PATNI AUR WOH. Rajpal is again teaming up with director Chandan Arora after MAIN MADHURI DIXIT BANNA CHAHATI HOON, which was produced by the maverick Ram Gopal Varma. Though the film received a very placid response at the box-office, Rajpal's performance got a lot of acclaim. Now Rajpal and Chandan Arora are skimming up their latest venture MAIN, MERI PATNI AUR WOH which again is a different kind of a love story, tilting away from the run-of-the-mill romance of Bollywood.

At 34, Mithilesh Shukla is a bachelor. A librarian with the University of Lucknow, Mithilesh had successfully avoided marriage, despite all the family pressure. Unable to fight against an "ideal proposal", an over emotional mother and his lawyer uncle, he is forced to go to Bareli and see a girl.

View Main Meri Patni Aur Woh Movie StillsSoon, Mithilesh meets Veena. A few inches taller, naturally charming, intelligent, naughty yet innocent, and last but not the least, very beautiful, Veena leaves Mithilesh speechless. Very rapidly, he finds his feelings shifting from, embarrassment of rejecting, to fear of rejection. Totally at sea with such emotions, Mithilesh is further stunned when Veena accepts the proposal and expresses her will to marry him. Mithilesh helplessly succumbs to this act of God, Cupid, Fate, and decides to marry.

While on their journey to, "...and they lived happily ever after", Mithilesh is reminded of his ordinary looks and Veena's stunning beauty, time and again. Most call him "lucky", for getting Veena as a wife, while others appear eager to begin interaction with her. To regain his much valued peace of mind, Mithilesh decides to take some action. With detailed planning and Lord Shiva's blessings, he very easily sorts out people like, the cheeky vegetable vendor, the talkative milkman, the over friendly friend, Salim.

As Mithilesh starts to breath easy, Akash moves in the flat opposite theirs. Veena and Akash are childhood friends, meeting after years. Akash is a tall dark and handsome Computer Hardware Engineer from Delhi. Despite all the plans and blessings, this time Mithilesh is unable to avoid the, Veena-any other man interaction. Factors like, Akash and Veena's similar preferences, a lot of catching up to do, Akash's boyish charm, often make Mithilesh feel like the intruder.

View Main Meri Patni Aur Woh Movie StillsWatching Veena and Akash together, Mithilesh can't help but think about how well suited, they are. In Akash's shadow, he realises that Veena deserves better. Restless and contemplating his next move, Mithilesh is shattered when he finds out that Veena feels the same.
Mithilesh's efforts to set things "right" and make everyone happy, forms the end of this love story of an odd couple.

Right from his role as the cold-blooded dacoit in RGV's Jungle (the role won him numerous awards as the best actor in a negative role), Rajpal has never looked back. He has only matured as an actor with every film he has done. His comic timing was just applauded by the audiences in Priyadarshan's HULCHUL and HUNGAMA.

In MAIN, MERI PATNI..., noted Bengali actress Rituperna Sengupta will play his lady love. This would be Rajpal's second role as the leading man and given his potential, he is ready to toss up another gem from his kitty. 

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