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View Welcome Movie Stills

Dr. Ghungroo is a highly respected doctor who lacks only one thing in his life - a suitable bride for his nephew Rajiv, Dr. Ghungroo's definition of suitable is very simple - the girl's family should have an impeccable background and spotless reputation where in forget going to jail, nobody has even been summoned to the police station! For obvious reasons, every bridle interview ends with him storming off in rage and disgust. Rajiv seems destines to remain a bachelor.

Uday shetty is a highly feared underworld don who lacks only one thing in his life - a suitable boy for his only sister Sanjana. Uday Shetty's definition of suitable is very simple - the boy should be from respectable family with a spotless reputation and no criminal connections. For obvious reasons, all the boys he interviews run away in fright when they realize who they are dealing with. Sanjana seems destined to remain a spinster.

Along comes a raging fire that plays cupid and entices Rajiv and Sanjana to fall in love.
Along comes a conniving Pandit who plays matchmaker by hiding a few truths.

Dr. Ghungroo is ecstatic. Beautiful Sanjana is exactly what he wanted for Rajiv. Uday shetty too is ecstatic. Handsome Rajiv is exactly what he wanted for Sanjana.

Download Welcome Wallpapers

Download Welcome Wallpapers

Then Dr. Ghungroo learns the bitter truth that Sanjana comes from a dangerous gangster family. And Uday Shetty also realizes the harsh truth that no threats or gunshots will force Rajiv's uncle into agreeing to this marriage.

Playing their own deadly roles in this marriage mayhem are trigger happy Majnubhai who prefers a paint brush to a gun and RDX, the baap of all dons, whose world revolves around his son lucky and his two revolvers; and Isha cum Isika who enters the scene as Rajiv's childhood bride and ends up Uday Shetty and Majnubhai's sweetheart!

WELCOME to the deadliest, funniest shaadi of the year!

View Welcome Movie Stills

View Welcome Movie Stills

The Characters :

Akshay Kumar as Rajiv
Disarmingly simple and straight, he falls flat when he sees Sanjana for the first time. Obedient to the core, he will never defy his uncle, but when he sees his dream of marriage with his dream girl going up in gun smoke, he realizes he has to do something drastic to save his future.

Katrina Kaif as Sanjana
She is exquisitely pretty, but tough enough to carry an unconscious Rajiv through raging fire. But even her brave heart flatters when her obstinate brother crosses swords with Rajiv's equally stubborn uncle and she sees her love being blown to smithereens.

Paresh Rawal as Dr Ghungroo
Paresh Rawal is Dr Ghungroo. All this highly respected doctor wants is a bride from a respectable family for his nephew Rajiv and when he finds himself cheated into an alliance with a girl from a notorious, gangster family, he will die rather than bend.

Nana Patekar as Uday Shetty
This wannabe actor turned dreaded don has a silver tongue and can shed crocodile tears at the drop of a hat. If he has any weakness, it's his only sister Sanjana. He will do anything and everything to make her happy, except give up his criminal ways.

Download Welcome Wallpapers

Download Welcome Wallpapers

Anil Kapoor as Majnoo Bhai
Anil Kapoor is Majnoobhai. His passion for painting live canvas puts lives and limbs at risk, not to mention his soft heart which stops just short of putting a bullet through your head and breaks it instead. He has made it his life's mission to find a suitable groom for his Bhai's sister Sanjana.

Feroz Khan as RDX
He is as explosive as his name. Living life kingsize, he struts his stuff in style, fires with both hands and loves his sin lucky to death.

Mallika Sherawat as Ishika
Mallika Sherawat is Isha / Ishika. She comes on the scene as Rajiv's childhood sweetheart and disrupts his engagement. Then in an extreme volte face she becomes both majnu and Uday Shetty's dream girl! Who is she really?

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