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Send Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya EcardsThere's no doctor like Samir - he mends broken bones but has no remedy for the hearts he breaks. That's because this orthopedic doctor just can't resist women! Neither can women stay away from this charming Casanova. But there's one exception - his work obsessed, dutiful, nurse Naina. She has no life except the doctor's clinics and she's always busy making sure the doc keeps his appointments with his many patients and his as many girlfriends. To make sure none of his affairs become serious, Dr. Samir has one instant cure - he tells all his besotted girlfriends that he is already married! Most of them swallow this bitter dose and leave him alone. But there's one exception - his latest love Sonia. She is beautiful, bright and very sensitive. Samir is finally in love and tells her he wants to marry her. But she has one condition. She will marry him only after she has met his wife! Now Samir is stuck. Because there is one problem - he has no wife! To make his lie true, Samir has to tell one more lie, then another, and yet another. Helping Samir cover up the truth with his lies is the reluctant but loyal Naina. Helping Sonia discover the truth behind the lies is her besotted neighbour Pyaare Into this shindig drops in Samir's mom who likes slapping before speaking and Samir's best friend Vicky and fake patient Thapa who have their own lies to protect. That's Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya - Love, Lies and Laughs!

Arshad Warsi is Vicky is Samir's best friend who also has a roving eye like his friend but not as much luck. He tries his luck with the snooty Naina who keeps brushing him off.

Send Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya EcardsHe is so charmingly irresistible that his female patients should be warned before entering his room. Better still, his clinic door should be painted red with Beware, Women at Risk written in big bold letters. For when Salman Khan playing Dr. Samir tenderly holds his female patient's hand, it's your pulse that does a tango. When he lovingly bandages a broken limb, it's your heart that breaks into pieces. And when he lies with such beguiling finesse why you believe him too!

Send Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya EcardsHer favourite past time is trying to commit suicide if she does not get what she wants. That's how she gets the wily Dr. Samir into agreeing to her most outrageous demands. Yet she's the one woman who's managed to capture the heart of this hard-to-get Casanova. Her beauty is luminous, her innocence is real and her honesty is lethal. That's why Katrina Kaif as Sonia succeeds in winning over not only Samir's and Pyaare's hearts but yours too.

Sohail Khan as Pyaare infuses immense energy and fun as the incorrigible Pyaare When you see his hilarious attempts to make Sonia realize the truth, you laugh with him as much as you empathize with him.

Send Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya EcardsShe is upright, loyal and efficient and you wonder what she's doing in this Casanova doctor's clinic. She must be wondering too, as she juggles his patients and girlfriends with great elan! Nurse Naina played by Sushmita Sen is vulnerable because she's so damn caring. Her staunch loyalty to her boss makes her an unwilling partner in his lies. As she gets entangled deeper and deeper, all you want to do is be a gallant knight and rescue this gorgeous nurse in distress.

David Dhavan - Director King of Comedy. This best describes David Dhawan. His filmography includes numerous big hits including last year's blockbuster MUJHSE SHAADI KAROGI also starring Salman Khan. Putting crazy but real characters into absurd yet believable situations are David Dhawan's forte. Naturally, when you give him a story about a lying doctor, a zealous nurse and a suicidal girlfriend, aided by an assortment of zany characters, what you get is a vintage David Dhavan laugh fest like MAINE PYAAR KYUN KIYA.

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