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Download Naach WallpapersAbhishek Bachchan is Abhi, a struggling actor, Practical and ambitions. Abhi wants to make it big. Antara Maali is Rewa, a struggling choreographer, idealistic having aspirations. She wants to make a difference.

One mellow afternoon they met

Naach is not so much about choreography as the title might indicate, as it is a symbolic representation of the choreography of life.

It is primarily a love story made in a style radically different from the feel good films one is accustomed to seeing in that genre in the conventional mainstream format. There are no families, no valentine's day, no jazzy sets, no teams of dancers, no karva chauths and no humour.

Unlike Rangeela, which was endearing Naach, is intense. Rangeela had everyday characters that most people can identify with whereas Naach deals with characters that are larger than life sometimes to the point of intimidating the viewer. They are almost a human for to a philosophical belief.

Download Naach WallpapersThe story deals with Abhi a struggling actor who believes in using the system to make it big and does not mind compromising his personal beliefs in the process and Rewa a struggling choreographer in bringing a change to the system without giving up on her convictions.

It's a love triangle between him, her and their beliefs.

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