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View No Entry Movie StillsWriter/Director Anees Bazmee dons the two hats of writer and director with great ease. Three successful films - HULCHUL, PYAR TO HONA HI THA and DEEWANGI, stand as testimony. The erstwhile Anees Bazmee's stint as assistant director to Raj Kapoor indeed holds him in good stead, as does the fact that as a writer he has penned for a wide spectrum of films. The emotional SWARG, socially relevant PRATIBANDH, thrilling BOL RADHA BOL, romantic SIRF TUM rib-tickling AANKHEIN, DEEWANA MASTANA MUJHSE SHAADI KAROGI amongst others.

In No Entry his expertise as a writer director is compelling yet again and a hilarious film enters the silver screen to bring much enjoyment and entertainment to the discerning cine-goer.


View No Entry Movie StillsSalman Khan - If there is a happily married man, who seems likely a happily unmarried bachelor, it is Prem! High on life and laughs, wine and women, he proves instrumental in putting his friend's high on their wives' hit list. The immense joy he derives from this, adds to his mischievous deviousness. Who else but Salman Khan to portray the 'enfant terrible' with a heart of gold.

Esha Deol
- Devoted, caring, trusting and unquestioning, she is every man's favourite fantasy come true. Ironical indeed, that she has her husband - a man who is every woman's dreaded nightmare come true. Esha Deol infuses poise, dignity and maturity far beyond her years into the character of Pooja.

Anil Kapoor - A perfect businessman, he is also a perfect husband until everything goes perfectly wrong! For a moment of pleasure which gets over even before he can take pleasure out of it, he faces situations, which lead him from one hilariously horrific situation to another. Splendidly depicting a mix of nervous fear and comic deliverance is Anil Kapoor as Kishen, in a role that does full justice to his unquestionable talent.

Bipasha Basu
- She spells trouble in more ways than one. A sizzling club dancer, she succeeds in making everyone dance on her fingers, so much so that wished they could dance their way into oblivion. At times, innocent, at times manipulative, at times sultry and at times cute; Bipasha Basu creates magic as Bobby.

View No Entry Movie StillsFardeen Khan
- A photographer who loved to sensationalize through his pictures, he becomes a part of a sensational situation which he certainly did not choose to be in. Indeed, Kishen his mentor manages to give him mental torture like none other. In a refreshingly different role is Fardeen Khan. With his woebegone expressions and perfect timing, this 'avtaar' of Fardeen Khan as Sunny is a treat to watch.

Celina Jaitley
- The saucy and sensuous Sanjana meets sunny on a suicidal note. Circumstances that follow in their lives indeed go on to make things very suicidal for them. As Sanjana who does not know whether she is coming or going. Celina Jaitley arrives like never before!

View No Entry Movie StillsLara Dutta
- Her smothering love for the husband is breath - taking! So much so that it leaves him gasping for breathe! Like her name Kaajal, she expects her husband to be within the eye's reach. And one day, quite like speck of dust in the eyes, something happens... A surprise packet in Lara Dutta in a never before role. As the traditional and suspicious wife, her portrayal sheds light on an unexplored dimension of her immense talent.

No Entry opens its doors to reveal the lives of three men. Kishen, 'the Married Man' , Sunny, 'the Bachelor' and Prem, 'the Married bachelor'. Ironically, while the faithful Kishen has a very suspicious Kaajal as his wife, playboy Prem has a trusting wife Pooja. And then there is Shekhar's-to-be wife Sanjana who is a bit of both. Trouble brews when Prem decides to make Kishen taste the forbidden fruit that he loves so View No Entry Movie Stills much. This forbidden fruit assumes the form of sultry siren Bobby, who walks through the 'No Entry' Board right into the lives of them all, leading to chaos, craziness, commotion and crisis. Who is this Bobby, who manages to turn all their lives topsy-turvy? Astonishingly, each one has a different answer to this question: For Kishen: She is a temptress! For Sunny: She is trouble! For Prem: She is a trump card! For Kaajal: She is Sunny's wife! For Sanjana: She is Kishen's wife! For Pooja: She is the unknown devil! If this were not enough, comes along Politician P.K Gupta who is hell bent on creating more trouble for them all. No Entry travels on the road of laughter, with milestones of humor, speed- breakers of ticklish moments; right turns unpredictable fun and signals of whackiness. To experience a roller coaster ride of unadulterated entertainment, get right into this 'No Entry' area. Even if you are fined, it will be worth it!

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