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Celebrated Bengali director Rituparno Ghosh returns with an intense romantic drama 'Raincoat' starring two of the biggest names in Bollywood, Ajay Devgan and Aishwaraya Rai, who give virtuoso performances as two fated lovers.

Raincoat'Raincoat' is about two people who share the same village in the backwoods of Bihar - a young man, Manoj (Ajay Devgan) and a woman, Niru (Aishwarya Rai). Two people joined by love but separated by circumstance. Star crossed in a way, but not in the way that the phrase usually means.

Manoj is a businessman who has never made the grade in the television business. He was jilted by his former lover Niru in preference for her mother's choice of a successful entrepreneur and is now reduced to begging money off his friends to set up a new business venture.

The story begins with Manoj seen leaving his mother to travel to Kolkata in search of finance. The city of Kolkata has a different platform of hope for him. A hope to rejuvenate him out of his financial crises and a hope to meet his beloved, Niru, rightfully who is no longer his.

He can't forget Niru though, and one day picks up courage to visit her in a neighbouring town. The monsoons have arrived and he lurks outside the house equipped with his friend's old raincoat, not sure whether to announce his presence or not. Finally the ex-lovers meet, their grief-stricken love story is told in flashback as each lovers' current anguish is also delicately and painfully laid bare. Told in flashbacks and smooth transitions between past and present, Raincoat is a story of love between Niru and Manoj that endures despite circumstances, despite separation and hopelessness. Narrated against the backdrop of a rainy afternoon, a Raincoat literally becomes instrumental in bringing out the love Niru and Manoj have nurtured within their hearts since childhood for each other.

RaincoatThe chamber piece is entirely different from anything that Ajay and Aishwarya have done even in the unbelievably beautiful Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam .

"That was a different territory... no doubt very, very beautiful but different," asserts Ghosh. "I don't think audiences will get to see Ash and Ajay in a film like Raincoat again. I had the time of my life shooting with them."

Raincoat is especially critical for Aishwarya as it will release two weeks after the worldwide release of her first international project, Gurinder Chadha's 'Bride and Prejudice', and a week before debutante director Leena Bajaj's 'Shabd', which is Aishwarya's first film with a female director.

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