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View Tango Charlie Movie Stills Writer-editor-director Mani Shankar's TANGO CHARLIE is indirectly a first hand celluloid account of his personal experience. A few years ago, he had been commissioned by the Government to make short films on various topics including the Bodo rebellion in the North-East, among other things. These experiences, he has incorporated in TANGO CHARLIE, which lends it a chilling realism. Mani Shankar's real life experience has been told through the film's protagonists Ajay Devgan and Bobby Deol on celluloid.

TANGO CHARLIE is not about war but about a soldier and his psyche his personal life and the implications of war on his life. TANGO CHARLIE is just a part of the telegraphic code used by soldiers, aviators and seamen across the world, and by itself it only represents the letters T and C. In this film, it stands for the principal character Tarun Chauhan, played by Bobby Deol. This is Bobby's story, and that of his mentor Mohammed Ali, played by Ajay Devgan.

Tango Charlie begins with two ace Indian Air Force Chopper pilots Squadron Leader Vikram Rathore (Sanjay Dutt) and Flight Lieutenant Shezad Khan (Suniel Shetty) who touch down on the uninhabited, arid expanse land of the Kargil sector, while on a routine sortie. While they traverse the area, they stumble upon several dead bodies strewn all over, and a hand of an injured BSF soldier reaching out. The two pilots, regardless of the orders from the Head Quarters, and the inclement weather, undertake rescue operation and in the process of this mission, they discover a diary, which takes them across the country. They Download Tango Charlie Wallpapersencounter a Sepoy Taran Chauhan (Bobby Deol) whose life has been shaped by his mentor Havaldar Mohammed Ali (Ajay Devgan). During this sojourn, Chauhan's love life featuring Lachchi (Tanishaa) also emerges, which forms the nucleus of the original mission of the two pilots, who are probing the noting in the diary.

TANGO CHARLIE is a tribute to the bravado of the selfless soldiers who guard our frontiers so that we can live in peace!

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