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Ta Ra Rum Pum

By Aakash Gandhi, Bollywood Trade News Network Send to Friend

Download Ta Ra Rum Pum WallpapersThe individuals who brought us SALAAM NAMASTE join hands once again for a film that has garnered ample attention the past few months, TA RA RUM PUM. Taking refuge under the mystifying Yash Raj Banner, TRRP is a film, which obviously looks quite handsome at face value. However, let’s hope it turns out a little better than SN.

Today we take the time to dig a little deeper into what TA RA RUM PUM is all about. We look passed the big names, slick look, and stylish hype to bring you the heart n’ soul of TA RA RUM PUM…

Do opposites really attract? Well according to Rajveer Singh (Saif Ali Khan) and Radhika (Rani Mukherjee) they sure do! Rajveer Singh (aka RV) is a wide-eyed dreamer full of ambition, aspiration and hopes. Living in New York, RV has always had one passion in life, and that is to race cars professionally. This is the baby you see holding one race car in his hand, with another tucked snug in his diaper.

RV was never into the whole “learning” part of life; and after his parents passed away, he decided to dropout of college and pursue his ambitious dreams full-time. The man was so passionate (or desperate?) to be around race cars that he took his first steps as part of the pit-crew of a racing team. Although miles away from feeling the adrenaline of actually driving one of these race cars, he seemed content in his efforts. But… yup you guessed it, life took a drastic turn… upwards that is.

It took only one cab-ride for RVs life to change (in more ways than he could ever imagine). It was his encounter with Harry (Javed Jafferi), the manager of a sub-par racing team that would alter the purpose of his existence. It was here where he met his would-be wife, Radhika…

Radhika, in essence, was the complete opposite of everything RV was and stood for. Her life was pre-determined… by her! She virtually planned out every step of her day, hardly ever straying from the ordinary. Her life was simple and controlled. With her father owning one of the largest Software companies in the world, she was free of worry, and was free to live life however she felt fit. Unlike RV, Radhika fancied the finer things in life. She studied music, and this alone is what made her happy… until she met our hero RV that is.


Download Ta Ra Rum Pum WallpapersRadhika would be the first to tell you that life is a mirage of happiness and sorrow, enlaced only by God’s will of unpredictability. The life she had after she met RV was a life she never thought she’d live. Yet, it was this life that brought her the fruits of harmony and happiness.

Although this will of unpredictability brought two estranged individuals together, taking them places they never knew existed; it was this very will that dropped them into the trash bins of society. It was the merciless wrath of this same randomness that took away the blissful life it had once given them.

TA RA RUM PUM is a film that deals with the chaotic ways in which life can unfold. It deals with the strength and will of the human spirit to overcome some of the most oppressive obstacles, to once again triumph over circumstance.

TA RA RUM PUM is scheduled to release April 27, 2007.

Some Interesting facts about TA RA RUM PUM

The working title of the film was DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY. It then became TA RA RUM PUM PUM before it reached its current and final title.
Not surprisingly, Abhishek Bachchan is slated to make a special cameo.
The film is loosely based on the 2006 Hollywood film TALLADEGA NIGHTS: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.


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