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View Unns Movie StillsToday when live-in relationships, divorces, broken families are applauded. In this world, where marriage happen and break like instant coffee, instant food, instant photo, instant one-day cricket matches. Is institution of marriage still relevant? Are marriages still pious and constitute fabric of the society? Does a child need love of both the parents to grow naturally? In short, is love pertinent? Or for that matter UNNS pertinent?

UNNS is a musical love story narrated by 1st time novelist Natasha Patel (Juhi Babbar). Natasha, an idealist by nature and legal advisor by profession writes this narrative in her personal diary mentioning the turbulence caused in the life of her close and dear friend Ria (Rituparna Sengupta). Ria, who unfortunately marries a Company Executive Rahul Malhotra (Sanjay Kapoor) on a rebound unaware of the consequences.

Rahul, himself a product of a broken family understands and values fine marital relationship. On the wedding day itself, he impresses everyone present including Ria's parents as well as Natasha. Having himself suffered the ill effects of a broken marriage, Rahul vows to care for his marital relationship with utmost sincerity and sanctity. This brings in Rahul a personality of an extremely loving and heartfelt husband.

View Unns Movie StillsAn extremely romantic Rahul encounters with a relatively frigid Ria during honeymoon.

Rishi Rampal (Sudhanshu Pandde), a CEO of an Advertising Company, was Ria's first love. Their relationship soured when Ria came to know of the fact that Rishi was already married. Ria confronts Rishi, a scene that forms one of the many highlights of the story. Though Rishi tries his best to convince and justify but Ria would not listen. Ria's need to forget and overcome her past puts her in the process of marriage... She marries Rahul but...

View Unns Movie StillsRahul's official trip abroad and Ria's chance meeting with Rishi compounds her guilt and shakes her confidence to reconcile and fulfill the obligations attached with marriage. To top it up, undesired pregnancy increases her predicament resulting in start-up fights and finally purposefully telling her husband that she would like to end their marriage. Surprised, shocked and shattered Rahul stands in disbelief. Even Natasha and Rishi's strong advice against her move has little effect on Ria. Ria is adamant.

On the other hand surprisingly, Sameer (Aman Varma), a leading advocate, Natasha's fiancée and also Rishi's good friend agrees to help Ria in order to get rid of her relationship with Rahul.

Rahul seems helpless. Sympathetic Natasha decides to stand by Rahul. She prepares for a battle Royal against experienced and formidable Sameer and unyielding Ria. Sameer's agenda to see through the separation meets with stiff resistance from Natasha, a quarter least expected by both Sameer and Ria.

Seeing herself cornered and facing a possible defeat, emotionally charged Ria confronts Rahul with a deliberate intention to hurt and force him to concede separation. One more charged scene where Rahul explains in vain the significance of marriage. Predetermined Ria brings forth another unexpected angle to the story, impossible to be ignored by any of the protagonist. Rahul's dilemma is more evident.

View Unns Movie StillsThis dilemma is extended to the courtroom legal battle between the Malhotras. Conflict of ideologies, principles, emotions, needs. Victims of compulsions, circumstances, desires, and destiny form the basis of arguments for both the lawyers. Natasha Patel and Sameer heighten the emotional and legal aspect of matrimonial relationship.

Is marriage a starting point of a soured relationship? Has selfish interests overpowered and clouded commitment and responsibility in matrimony? What is more important for a family court Judge? Union or Separation? Does emotions take over legal battle or is it the other way round? Who wins?

The film stars Sanjay Kapoor, Rituparna Sen Gupta, Juhi Babbar, Sudhanshu Pandde, Aman Varma and Vivek Shaq (in a triple role). The film is written and directed by Bhupender.S.Gupta with dialogues corralled by Farooque Braelvi and Bhupendra.S.Gupta. Sujit Shetty has tuned the music for the film and lyrics penned by Shaeen Iqbal. Bhavdeep Jaipurwale has designed the background score.

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