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Yash Chopra's forthcoming directorial movie after Dil To Pagal Hai eight years back, "Veer-Zaara" is undoubtedly the most anticipated movie of the year. Yash Chopra opts for a title in the custom of other immortal romances like Laila Majnu, Heer Ranjha and Sohni Mahiwal. "Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum" was the former title that Yash Chopra was seriously considering but finally opted for the characters names to be title. One will have to watch 'Veer-Zaara' in the true tradition of these love tales if Veer & Zaara are destined to be estranged forever also.

Download Veer Zaara WallpapersShahrukh Khan (Squadron Leader Veer Pratap Singh) is a rescue pilot with the Indian Air Force. Being a rescue pilot is not a job but a way of life for him. He is a rescuer at heart, completely selfless. He risks his own life to save the lives of others. He cannot bear to see anyone going through trouble or suffering and would give up anything to make them happy.

He is a down to earth, ordinary man capable of loving extraordinarily. He loves completely and whole-heartedly. Love for him is the only religion - a worship that transcends all man-made boundaries. And he is ready to face all adversities to ensure that the dignity of Love is never let down. How far he goes to follow this belief is what makes the story of Veer-Zaara a love legend.

Preity Zinta (Zaara Hayaat Khan) is the carefree, sprightly, daughter of a Pakistani politician. She is adventurous, impulsive, always lives for the moment and does not think of the past or the future. She believes that she will get married to the person her parents select and live her life in the manner her mother has.

Download Veer Zaara Wallpapers She is out spoken and voices her thoughts and feelings openly. She adapts and enjoys new people and surroundings. In fact, she is endearing to people who meet her for the first time, as her joie-de-vivre is infectious.

Zaara is very loving and there is no disparity in her love. Her love is innocent and unconditional. For the people she loves dearly, she is even willing to sacrifice herself. How she risks her life to keep her promise is what makes Veer-Zaara a love legend.

Rani Mukherji (Saamiya Siddiqui) is a Pakistani lawyer whose mission in life is to pave the path for women's empowerment. She believes in fighting the right way in court, although it may be the longer and harder path. She is an idealist, and feels deeply and completely for the common man who is fighting for justice.

Download Veer Zaara WallpapersTo dissuade a woman lawyer from being successful, she has been given the toughest case ever. Her first case as a lawyer is a man languishing in prison, who hasn't spoken for the past 22 years. Determined, she takes up the challenge to get to the very bottom of the case and pledges justice.

Will Saamiya be successful in her search for the truth will decide the fate of this love legend called Veer-Zaara.


Squadron Leader Veer Pratap Singh is a rescue pilot with the Indian Air Force, who risks his own life to save the lives of others. One day, on duty, he comes across a stranded Zaara... a girl from Pakistan. Zaara, a carefree, sprightly girl has come to India to fulfill her surrogate mother's dying wish. She meets with a bus accident leaving her stranded in a foreign land.

Veer saves her life... and his life is never the same again...

Twenty-two years later, Saamiya Siddiqui, a Pakistani lawyer on her first case, finds herself face-to-face with an ageing Veer Pratap Singh. He has languished in a Pakistan jail cell for 22 years and has not spoken to anyone all these years - and no one knows why.

Download Veer Zaara WallpapersHer mission is to discover the truth about Veer and see to it that justice is served. And thus starts her journey to unveil the truth... the story of Veer and his life...

Why has Veer been silent for 22 years?
Why is he in a jail in Pakistan?
Where is Zaara?
What happened to her?

God has written the destinies of Veer and Zaara, such that they can never be joined together. Saamiya has come to change that... to join Veer and Zaara together... forever...

Download Veer Zaara WallpapersVeer-Zaara is not an ordinary story - it's a Love Legend. Veer and Zaara's love legend. This is a saga of love, separation, courage and sacrifice. A love that is divine, a love that is whole-hearted, a love that is completely consuming, a love that grows with separation, deepens with sacrifice.

A love that is an inspiration... and will remain a legend forever.

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