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YakeenAfter producing JISM & PAAP, Shreya Creations is moving towards different genres in their upcoming ventures; YAKEEN and AMAVAS. Arjun Rampal and Priyanka Chopra will be seen together after Rajiv Rai's ASAMBHAV. Yakeen will also see dialogue writer Giresh Dhamija, who has written many of the Bhatt films now shifting gears to direct on Vikram Bhatt's story and screenplay.

YAKEEN is about Nikhil (Arjun Rampal), a young and handsome business tycoon in Himachal, married to the beautiful Simar (Priyanka Chopra), a young lady with considerable charms. Though it's happy marriage, their relationship is seemingly devoid of that closeness which represents the ideal bonding. Life takes a bizarre turn when their car plummets from a height crashing down the hillside, turning into a total wreck. Nikhil is moved in a comatose to the finest hospital and his recovery from an extremely critical state is both slow and painful. The beautiful Simar escapes relatively unscathed with minor cuts and bruises.

This turbulent phase in their life draws Nikhil and Simar closer with her love and care exhibited whilst nourishing and nursing him back to near normalcy. Nikhil begins to cherish each moment but experiences to reconstruct his life. At first he relies totally on the care and guidance of his loving wife and the friendship off those who have known him all alone. His confusion starts mounting with contrasting pictures of his past being painted by everyone around him, with strange flashes of memory coming to him from time to time. Nikhil starts experiencing some terrifying suspecting even his wife's fidelity.

YakeenEnlisting the help of a private investigator Nikhil embarks on a dangerous journey determined to uncover the truth about himself. Delving deeper into an unpredictable maze, he is confronted with more and more unpleasant truths. Life for Nikhil and Simar becomes a web of twisted routes and unexpected turns.

Where do all these twists and turns finally lead up to?

In a totally unexpected and shattering climax the film reveals the extent of avarice and greed, human passions and deadly actions, which change people's lives altogether forever.

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