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   Movie Review : Sorry Bhai

 Sorry Bhai
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 Gaurav Dayal, Vivek Philips
 Amitabh Verma
 Shabana Azmi, Boman Irani, Sanjay Suri, Sharman Joshi and Chitrangda Singh

Sorry Bhai Movie Review

December 1, 2008 5:27:17 PM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view SORRY BHAI videos

view SORRY BHAI videos

Onir has a flair for the inexplicable. In that, he brings to focus that which cannot be explained with rare cinematic intelligence. SORRY BHAI, is yet another example, which began with MY BROTHER NIKHIL.

The tale is simple, gets complicated, and yet is believable. The emotions enacted by the actors are real, one, which can be easily connected to. The first flush of falling in love, the realization that one has to be practical in love and the pain of losing the one that you love, all because you were so clued in to success that you forgot to value the partner.

Sharman Joshi, Chitrangada Singh and Sanjay Suri are caught in a love triangle of a different kind. Boman Irani and Shabana Azmi are the parents who are torn between the love of their two sons. One parent dominant, the other practical. One brother hopelessly in love with his brother's bride to be, the other devoted to his business. As for the bride, she gets a chance to figure out if marriage is the right thing for her and if he is the right man for her. Even in love, life offers us opportunities to make the right choices until the very end. And Chitrangada (Aaliya) is one such girl who makes the right choice. Or is it?

Sanjay Suri (Harsh) is settled in Mauritius. He has not been home for two years and one fine day informs his parents that he is getting married and requests them to join him. His dad Boman Irani and brother Sharman (Siddharth) are only too keen. His mother Shabhana, however, has a problem. Being her favourite son, she is upset that he has not made a trip to India and also not included them in selecting his bride. Boman reminds her that their sons are old enough to take decisions. Sharman, an aspiring physicist who is getting forgetful, thanks to the stress of his latest project of making a toy dog move by looking him in the eye, convinces his mother to make the trip along with them. Once there, the mother begins inquiry about the bride's family. Chitrangada plays along till she is fed up of the stress. Boman, sensing trouble between the two women, always butts in at the right moment to diffuse the tension.

download SORRY BHAI wallpapers

download SORRY BHAI wallpapers

The groom to be is always busy, so it's left to Aaliya to show the family around. In those few days, she gets drawn towards Siddharth. Brother too is drawn towards his bhabhi. It so happens that Harsh, a day before his marriage decides to postpone it because he has to make an urgent trip to the US of A with his business partner to evaluate the stock market scene. Aaliya heaves a sight of relief. Siddharth has now dominated her entire being.

Onir handles the scenes where the two realize they are being drawn towards each other with utmost care. First, the realization, then fighting the feelings off each other because it is not right, then the urge to rush into each other's arms, with brother drawing away. Then Aaliya wanting to break free and finally Siddharth making his move, which have them in a passionate lovemaking scene.

Every character is believable. Sharman Joshi is an immensely gifted actor. His portrayal is very real. Ditto Sanjay Suri who loses in love. Chitrangada, I think, is one of the finest actors we have. She and Shahana Goswami (of ROCK ON, RU BA RU fame) are actors who take their characters to a different level. Boman Irani as the husband and Boman Irani as the father are contrasts. He balances the two with sincerity. Shabhana Azmi as the dominating mother and wife is a classic example of a confused mother, dominating wife and inquisitive mother-in-law to be.

Onir has handled a sensitive subject with flair. The finished product is a tribute to the director as well as his cast who bring a logical end to an imperfect situation. Love triumphs even over confusion.

On the flip side, the styling of clothes is not in sync with the time. Ditto some dialogues. When the film moves back to eleven years ago, which would mean 1997, Sharman is shown wearing a current styled suit when it was double-breasted suits that were in vogue. As for the reference to the India Bangladesh one-day match, it is too recent.

Nevertheless, it is a very real film; with situations, which make you nod your head in agreement. A worthy watch.

Ratings : 3.5/5

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