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Movie Review : A Strange Love Story

 A Strange Love Story
Director :
Music :
Starring :
 Sahil Seth, Tarique Khan
 Santok Singh
 Ashutosh Rana, Eddie Seth, Ehsaan Khan, Gunjan Bakshi, Milind Gunaji, Raj Zutshi, Riya Sen, Snehal Dhabi, Yashpal Sharma

A Strange Love Story Movie Review

June 2, 2011 06:50:53 PM IST
By Pankaj Sabnani, Glamsham Editorial
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A few weeks back, RAGINI MMS released, which had a blend of sex and horror. Now, A STRANGE LOVE STORY goes a step further by mixing love, horror, suspense and murder mystery.

The film is about a photographer Kabeer (Eddie Seth), who's an expert in getting work done at the last moment. He invites trouble by shooting at a haunted dargah in the night, despite being warned by his friend Jennifer (Riya Sen). A few minutes after he starts shooting, Jennifer mysteriously passes out. After this incident, weird things start happening with Jennifer as she feels the presence of a person around her, who can't be seen. She's also accused of killing Kabeer's friend Baljeet Billy (Raj Zutshi), after which Inspector Iqbal (Ashutosh Rana) arrives from Delhi to investigate the case. A sequence of incredulous events ensues.

Directors Tarique Khan and Sahil Seth have tried their hands at various things, but the outcome is hideously unfavourable. The script is haphazard and after a few minutes you wonder what is going on. As if all the humdrum sequences weren't enough, a random song intended to showcase the dancing abilities of Kabeer, is thrown at you. The climax is ludicrous, and like almost the entire film, defies all logic.

You have to listen to the dialogues. Jennifer enters a police station with open shirt buttons that reveal a bit too much. Looking at her, Iqbal says, 'Buttons band hote to acha hota. Iski kya zaroorat hai? Tum vaise hi itni khoobsurat ho.' Basha Lal's cinematography is just average in spite of having the picturesque Shimla as one of the locales. Santok Singh, Dharmesh and Ripul's music is uninspiring.

The bad performances only add to the agony. Eddie Seth makes a pathetic debut. Riya Sen (seen in minimal clothing) is passable. Ashutosh Rana fails to impress. Raj Zutshi hams. All the other actors don't add any merit.

A STRANGE LOVE STORY is not only strange but outrageous. Watch it only if you find a skimpily clad Riya Sen alluring.

Rating: 0.5/5

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