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Movie Review : Anubhav

Director :
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Starring :
 Rajiv Nath
 Aadesh Shrivasatava, Krishnamohan
 Sanjay Suri, Gul Panag, Jackie Shroff, Mita Vasisht, Shruti Seth, Raj Zutshi, Sudha Chandran and Anoop Menon

Anubhav Movie Review

June 6, 2009 1:04:42 PM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view ANUBHAV movie stills

view ANUBHAV movie stills

  • There are many things wrong with ANUBHAV. For starters, the movie goes into flashback after five minutes and then, never returns.

  • Although Meera (Gul Panag) comes from a rich industrialist family and she has to run away to get married because her family will not agree to her marrying Anubhav (Sanjay Suri), a struggling actor, there is no footage of her family... anywhere. How could a rich girl get lost thus without her family attempting even once to meet her?

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  • When Meera delivers prematurely and Anubhav is called into the doctor's cabin, the doctor (Mita Vashisht) is shown munching away on a sandwich even as she delivers the sad news to Anubhav that his new-born daughter has some brain disease and would need a surgery that would cost Rs 20 lakhs. She speaks like a businesswoman with no heart of a doctor. Moreover, she has already decided the cost and nature of the baby's illness without even preliminary tests!

  • He then sends him to a pimp, a friend of hers, who supplies men to bored housewives. Anubhav gets his Rs 20 lakhs at the cost of servicing women, while he does not tell his wife the trauma he is going through because she is under the impression that her child died at birth.

  • In the end, Meera hires the services of the very pimp to trap her husband. The pimp knows that he is sending him to his wife when Anubhav refuses to part with the booty left to him by a client. Even the viewer knows this.

Convuluted, confusing! Too many cinematic liberties.

In the end, the voice over tells us what happens five years later. But what happened to the start of the film buddy, when you went into flashback?

The story in short: Anubhav is a theatre actor trying to make it big in movies. He meets up with a fan, Meera, and later marries her. There is a crisis when the baby is born and he resorts to being a gigolo to meet the operation needs. In TATHSATU, Sanjay Dutt's character held a few people at gunpoint because he could no afford his son's operation. Suri's character goes bed hopping.

Gul Panag gives off a fabulous performance. The actress has fire in her belly. She needs the right choice of films. Ditto Sanjay Suri, he passes the test as an actor. But with a weak script, there's not much even these two can do.

Rating - 1/5

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