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Movie Review : Vikalp

Director :
Music :

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Starring :
 Sachin Karande
 Dev Sikhdar and Vijay Narayan
 Kukku Prabhas and Dev Sikhdar
 Deepal Shaw, Akshay Singh, Kranti Prakash Jha, Aloknath, Chetan Pandit, Nirmal Pandey, Onkar Shinde, Abhijeet Lahir, Pankaj Beri, Jyoti Joshi & Abhay Joshi

Vikalp Movie Review

January 6, 2011 06:20:52 PM IST
By Pankaj Sabnani, Glamsham Editorial
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view VIKALP stills

view VIKALP stills

The online world has become humungous today. Right from shopping, to networking, to banking, everything can be done through the internet today. But this also has a flipside of security threats. Hacking has become a menace with numerous cases being reported. VIKALP, a film which is about hackers, comes at an opportune time when hacking is at an all time high!

It traces the story of Rishika Gandhi (Deepal Shaw), a middle class girl from Maharashtra who has immense computer knowledge. She leaves her job in a Mumbai based IT company after being ridiculed by her boss over a technical goof up. Even her boyfriend breaks up with her after his family objects to their relationship. Feeling flustered, she leaves Mumbai and takes up a job offer in a Bangkok based software company. All's hunky dory at what seems to be her dream job. It's only after a few months that she realises she has been trapped and made to do criminal activities in the garb of a software developer. Will she be able to find her way out? Or is it too late? This is what forms the rest of this thriller.

Although it's based on hacking, there's nothing which is too difficult to understand. Director Sachin P. Karande takes his own sweet time to develop the plot. You are waiting for something to happen right till the end of the first half. It's post the interval that the film gains a bit of momentum. The numerous ingenious twists, take the film forward. But they aren't enough to make it a taut thriller. Most of the characters have dubious traits; so when their actual intentions are revealed, they don't have the desired impact. The climax is too convincing to grasp and the film ends on a rather abrupt note.

Deepal Shaw plays her part well. But she does ham in some portions. Her bhad me jao monologue, turns out to be more ludicrous than serious. Late Nirmal Pandey is passable as the police officer. Chetan Pandit is decent. Abhijeet Lehri is fine in his small role. Pankaj Berry doesn't have much scope.

VIKALP has some exhilarating moments but they aren't enough to hold the feeble script together. It turns out to be just an average fair in the end, with you screaming what the 'hack'!

Rating: 2/5

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