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   Movie Review : Superstar

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Starring :
 Rohit Jugraj
 Shamir Tandon
 Sabeer Ahmad
 Kunal Khemu, Tulip Joshi, Aushima Sawhney, Reema Lagoo, Sharat Saxena, Darshan Jariwala.

By Martin D'Souza, Bollywood Trade News Network Send to Friend

SUPER STAR is your average Bollywood movie; a moderate dose of action, plenty of emotion and dollops of drama. Nothing new in the storyline, too. And yes, itís also almost three hours long!! At a time where every producer and director is wrapping things up within two hours, this certainly wonít work.

So you have a struggling actor played by Kunal Khemu (Kunal Mehra), who makes the rounds of production houses and studios in the hope of getting a big role. All he gets is the role of a dancer, in the fourth row and plenty of rebuke from his father at home. One day he wakes up to see his photograph in every paper with an announcement that he has signed a project worth Rs 50 crore.

While his entire neighbourhood is excited along with his parents, Kunal is not. He rushes to the producerís office, where the staff greets him with a big smile. But when he tells them his name, they realize his face matches that of Karan Saxena (Kunal Khemu, a double role) who has been signed on by his father. To cut the long story short, Karan cannot act to save his life, so in comes Kunal as a duplicate. The unit moves to Hong Kong. After pack up one day, both, Karan and Kunal go for a drive and meet with an accident. Karan dies while Kunal lives. Then the drama unfolds.

All that can be spoken of about this movie is Kunal Khemuís abiity as an actor. The boy has tremendous potential and is growing in stature with every outing. He gives a solid performance in both the roles. The rest have hardly any scope. Darshan Jariwala is your average Bollywood baddie while Kunalís buddies again are those you have seen in various movies. Only Sharat Saxena and Reema Lagoo as Kunalís parents add some spark to the proceedings.

If you donít mind the extra length and are game for some melodrama drop in. If not, stay at home. You wonít miss much.

Ratings: 1.5/5

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