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10ml Love Movie Review

An off-beat romance!

 10ml Love
Director :  Sharat Katariya
Music :  Sagar Desai
Starring :  Brijendra Kala, Koel Puri, Manu Rishi, Neil Bhoopalam, Purab Kohli, Rajat Kapoor, Sarita Joshi, Tara Sharma, Tisca Chopra, Yusuf Hussain

December 7, 2012 03:33:49 PM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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Can love be measured through milli litres? That's what director Sharat Katariya tries to experiment with. 10ML LOVE is an off-beat romance, which finds a release in PVR's 'Director's Rare' category.

Kataria tries to give us a panacea for love. Just a few drops is what is needed to be added into a drink for the recipient to fall in love with the first person he or she sees after the deed is done. And although cupid strikes with ferocity, once the effects of the drug are waned off, realization dawns. And what about the love that 'happened' when the aphrodisiac was in the belly?

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Well, that was just a bad dream.

The recipients of this magic potion are three couples whose love lives are not exactly what it is meant to be. Ghalib (Rajat Kapoor) sells 'empowering drugs' or 'love potions' to help lover's ingnite that spark in their relationship. But his own relationship with his wife Roshni (Tisca Chopra) is at a breaking point. Reason: he is forever tailing her wherever she goes. He somehow feels other men are after her, thus stifling her very existence.

Peter (Neil Bhoopalam) is a mechanic who has fallen in love with a rich girl, Shweta (Tara Sharma Saluja). However, he is not man enough to elope with her even though she comes to him with her packed suitcase on her engagement day.

Neil (Purab Kohli) secretly has a crush on Shweta and after 15 years manages to hook her through his parents. But secretly he is 'more than friends' with Mini (Koel Purie) who feels let down as he prepares for marriage.

Adding tadka to this plot, Kataria throws in a caterer who doubles up his boys as artistes in a Ramlila play. The story takes a twist when Roshni comes to Shweta's house as a mehendi artist. She is secretly followed by Ghalib (who is now armed with a deadly love potion 'josh-e-jawaani' given by his mother to save his failing marriage). He manages to give Roshni the drug in a glass of water but loses sight of her the next moment.

That's when things take a turn, not only for Ghalib, but also for Peter, Neil, Roshni, Mini and the Ramlila artiste Chand, superbly played by Manu Rishi.

For a thought, the plot looks good on paper, but Kataria tries to interject too many characters and situations and in the bargain loses his hold. Having said that, involving many characters, however, was not a bad idea. But handling of the situation that ensues is what minimizes the cascading effect of what could have been. To my mind, the romance between Peter and Shweta and Neil and Mini ends in a tame manner. Only Ghalib's mystery with his wife Roshini has some meaning.

Nonetheless, it's heartening to note that directors like Kataria are given their due who experiment boldly, breaking away from the common clutter.

Cinema, after all, is not only about dishoom dishoom!

Rating: 2.0

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