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   Movie Review : U Me Aur Hum

 U Me Aur Hum
Director :
Music :
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Starring :
 Ajay Devgan
 Vishal Bharadwaj
 Munna Dhiman
 Ajay Devgan, Kajol, Karan Khanna, Isha Sharwani.

U Me Aur Hum Movie Review

April 11, 2008 12:00:00 PM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view U ME AUR HUM videos

Love does not end after the first moments of romance have been savored. But to live a life of love with your spouse, every moment after marriage has to be savored. That’s where the true test of love lies and that’s what Ajay Devgan delivers in his directorial debut, U ME AUR HUM. A superb effort from the actor.

There is an old story told, of an elderly gentlemen visiting a dentist. A young man notices him looking at his watch as he is waiting to be attended. Curious, he asks the elderly gentlemen if he had anywhere else to go. “Yes,” replied the elderly gentleman, “I have to be at 9 at the hospital to visit my wife; she is suffering from Alzheimer’s.” The young man further asked, “Does she even recognize you?” “No said the elder.” “Then why bother going if she does not even know who you are.” “You see,” said the elderly gentleman, “it does not matter if she does not know who I am, I know who she is.”

There is a link between that story and U ME AUR HUM. This movie is not about you or me; it’s about HUM as a couple! It’s a very sensible film, which deals with a very, very sensitive aspect of married life - commitment. The tagline is apt: “The greatest journey in life is the distance between two people.” How well Ajay (Ajay Devgan) makes you travel this journey with him and Peeya (Kajol).

Ajay and Peeya meet on a cruise. She is a waitress, while he is a psychiatrist on a holiday with his friends. The story is told in flashback and the beginning is a little confusing with an aged Ajay trying to woo an old Peeya on a cruise. But as the movie progresses, you realize what the director is trying to convey. He plays a small mind game before putting the puzzle in place. The movie begins and ends on the cruise, twenty-five years later, thus showing that it may not always be smooth sailing in a marriage, there may be the huge waves that will rock your boat, but if you hold on to the sails, your ship will dock at the harbour of love.

Ajay’s moments spent in wooing Kajol after he first sets sights on her serving drinks provide the lighter moments and after intermission come the moments loaded with emotions of a different kind. The first half drags a bit but the second half more than makes up for the lapse. Still, this movie is about three-hours long, some tight editing skills were required.

Kajol is first rate. This is an actor here with the Midas touch. She makes acting look like child’s play. As the young girl who falls in love with Ajay, she is simply ravishing; as the doting wife, she is awesome and when tragedy strikes, her confusion is alarmingly clear. She is the scene-stealer in the entire movie. This is not to undermine Ajay Devgan who comes up with a reassuring performance; be it as the lover boy romancing Kajol or as the husband who refuses to leave her side.

Two scenes tear at your heart; one when Ajay leaves Kajol in the care of a hospital for good, and another when he goes to get her back, against his doctor’s advise. Both actors sizzle the screen with their chemistry, be it while in love or when its time to sacrifice.

Yes there are other characters to support the two, but there is nothing much of note to write home about them. There is also good photography and background score. But, you know something? This movie is about them (Ajay and Kajol).

TO GO OR NOT: You would not want to miss a first rate Kajol, would you? I’m sure she has thrown in her hat for the best actor (female) category at next year’s awards. On second thoughts, her performance is beyond awards! I’m also sure couples will go in droves to watch the magical moment of commitment which completes the circle of marriage!

Ratings : 3/5

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