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Movie Review : Kaminey

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 Vishal Bhardwaj
 Vishal Bhardwaj
 Shahid Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Amol Gupte.

Kaminey Movie Review

August 14, 2009 2:44:23 PM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view KAMINEY videos

view KAMINEY videos

Vishal Bhardwaj has lined himself up for some serious awards this coming year. Also, with KAMINEY, he has given Shahid Kapur his best role till date. I dare say it will be a long time, if ever, before Shahid gets to display himself as a complete actor again. There's magic in the film, which hooks you from the beginning. The editing is razor sharp, the drama is top class, the performances super duper and the background score 'with it'. As for the screenplay, one word: unbelievable. Dhan te nan is already the anthem of the film.

In short, KAMINEY is your typical Bollywood masala film, but with keeping the audience intelligence in mind. What Bhardwaj has smartly done is use the formula of the films of old and dress it up in his own inimitable way. Even when the end unwraps itself, although you might have seen it a zillion times before, it has a standing of its own. You cannot help but applaud when the film ends.

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The movie is about Guddu and Charlie (Shahid Kapur in a double role), both brothers who have not met in many years. While Guddu is the quiet, shy type, Charlie is the rough, tough guy who moves where there is trouble. When trouble strikes, both brothers land in the wrong hands. The sober guy with the drug mafia and Charlie with Bhope Bhau for meddling with his sister. From there on, the movie gallops to a deafening pace, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

There's action, emotion, drama, suspense, political aspirations, drug cartel all linked with the judwa bhai tale. Even when there is a flashback, it's not to bore, but to add value. Each scene is a treat. As one scene leads to another, Bhardwaj shows his finesse in story telling. No spoon-feeding the audience. There are some conclusions you have to draw, and almost all scenes are gems. One that stands out is when Bhope Bhau guns down Mikhail in Charlie's house. The mock gunplay before the lethal bullet explodes is chilling. Or the scene when Charlie, after seeing the body of his friend Mikhail, brought by his bookie brothers, empties the guitar case full of cocaine in the fire, or even the scene when the twin brothers Guddu and Charlie fight for the 'loot'. The one where Guddu confronts Sweety on the way to their honeymoon is poignant, the full impact of which hits you in the end. Or for that matter, the scene where Sweety discloses her real identity to Guddu.

download KAMINEY wallpapers

download KAMINEY wallpapers

Shahid Kapur in a double role has done justice to both the characters. The simple lad Guddu who works for an NGO, as well as a rookie bookie who plans to hit the jackpot. Both contrasting roles, which gives him enough room to showcase his lean and mean side as well as the soft, gooey side.

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Priyanka Chopra as Sweety Bhope the kid sister of a goon with politician aspirations surprises with her maturity and body language. She is in complete sync with what Bhardwaj wants. Amol Gupte as Sunil Shekhar Bhope a local goon with aspirations for a ticket to parliament is top class. His costume, lingo and cronies are spot on. Ditto his love for Mumbai and hate for North Indians!

Shiv Subrahmanyam (Lobo) and Hrishikesh Joshi (Lele), corrupt officials from the narcotics cell and Chandan Roy Sanyal (Mikhail), brother of the bookies and Charlie's best friend all shine in their respective roles.

If it is not going over the top, KAMINEY can be called the SHOLAY of our time, Sweety Bhope, Basanti while Shahid's Guddu and Charlie as Jai and Veeru.

Statutory warning: If you watch it once, you will want to watch it again!

Rating - 4.5/5

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