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Movie Review : Right Yaaa Wrong

 Right Yaaa Wrong
Director :
Music :
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Starring :
 Neeraj Pathak
 Monty Sharma
 Sunny Deol, Irrfan Khan, Eesha Koppikhar, Aryan Vaid, Konkona Sen Sharma, Anjan Srivastava and Kirron Kher

Right Yaaa Wrong Movie Review

March 13, 2010 11:06:56 AM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view RIGHT YAAA WRONG videos

view RIGHT YAAA WRONG videos

Sunny Deol is back with a bang. This time, in a powerful thriller, with a generous dose of Deol action. It's a game of Hide and Seek; a plot, which pairs two thoroughbred cops, who are best of friends, in a volatile courtroom drama that threatens to tear the fabric of their friendship. One is out to prove that the other has committed a premeditated, cold-blooded murder, the other maintains his innocence.

There is one very powerful line mouthed by Irrfan Khan when he tells his fellow police officers, 'We joined the force to wipe out criminals, not write eulogies on a friend.'

Sunny Deol and Irrfan Khan come out with such powerful performances that this film is worth going miles to see. Both duty-bound cops caught in a situation none would like to be in. Close friends who know where to draw the line where friendship ends and duty begins. One, out to save the law from making an ass of itself; the other using the loopholes in the law. Irrfan gives another terrific performance. Sunny, after the action-packed first half, speaks in a deafening silence from his wheelchair.

Director Neeraj Pathak has strung together a set-piece, which he executes with precision. Right from the action in the first frame to the introduction of Konkona Sen Sharma's character post interval, he has stitched together a fabulous script. To me, it's a script without loopholes. Watertight.

Vinay Patnaik (Irrfan Khan) and Ajay Sridhar (Sunny Deol) hunt in pairs. They operate on dangerous missions and on one such outing, Ajay is maimed. He takes a bullet to his spine and is bound to a wheelchair. Frustrated, he wants to end his life. He involves his wife (Isha Koppikar) and stepbrother to help him set up his death as an accident. He also has an insurance policy amounting to Rs 5 crore that will benefit his family.

view RIGHT YAAA WRONG movie stills

view RIGHT YAAA WRONG movie stills

Ajay draws up the plan with the two, who are hesitant at first, and establishes a perfect alibi for them. The plans seem to be moving perfectly but... I want spoil the sequence for you!

The courtroom scenes are intense. Konkona being a tough professional, taking on her brother in court, and then being the sister at home is a class act. Two diverse emotions within one frame.

Isha Koppikar comes out with a fine performance. Deepal Shaw in her limited role, as the only woman officer, makes a solid impact with her first scene switching from a bai to a gun-totting cop.

Is it right for a friend to set up an investigation for murder, or wrong? Is it right for a sister to defend her brother's best friend in court against her own brother, or wrong? Is it right to tell the truth at the right time, or wrong?

RIGHT YAAA WRONG, you decide.

Rating - 3/5

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