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Movie Review : Jo Dooba So Paar - It's Love in Bihar!

 Jo Dooba So Paar - It's Love in Bihar!
Director :
Music :
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Starring :
 Praveen Kumar
 Manish J. Tipu
 Anand Tiwari, Dadhi Raj, Pitobash Tripathy, Purav Bhandare, Rajat Kapoor, Sadia Siddiqui and Vinay Pathak

Jo Dooba So Paar - It's Love in Bihar! Movie Review

October 14, 2011 01:02:15 PM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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download JO DOOBA SO PAAR-
ITS LOVE IN BIHAR wallpapers
Rajat Kapoor is predictably boring in his role as a police inspector. He makes no effort to play the character he is portraying. Vinay Pathak on the other hand is a study in contrast. Seeped in alcohol at night, a cop during the day; he gets his 'Bihari cop lost in love act' spot on. Vinay has made an effort to break away from the other characters he has played, and this shows. A thinking actor!

Vinay is the only bright spot in this otherwise, bold move to portray a very different love story. This one's located in Bihar where a local 'good-for-nothing' lad, Kishu (Anand Tiwari) is infatuated by an American girl Sapna (Sita Ragione Spada) who is on a study tour. She is visiting her rich, upper caste uncle. There's tension not because the girl has a problem, but because Kishu's father is aghast and against his son's flirtatious moves towards someone who does not match his class. All Kishu does is dress in his own 'stylish' way and while off his time with his friends, who goad him to take his infatuation to another level. That is when Kishu comes to level ground realizing that Sapna has an American boyfriend who has come visiting her.

Soon, she is kidnapped for ransom and the whole gang are in search of her, including Kishu, who has been (jilted?) in love and is out to find its true meaning.

Kishu's befriending Sapna and she immediately warming up to him is not convincing at all. He just breezes into her uncle's house and she, who does not even know who he is, comfortably engages in a conversation. This is perhaps where the film comes apart after director Praveen Kumar manages to set the stage with school bums, goons and guns.

What the director ventured to attempt and what eventually turned out were two opposites. It has more of a theatre feel than a 70mm effect. What can be said in favour of the film is that the characters have been etched out well keeping the local flavor and lingo in mind.

JO DOOBA SO PAAR... IT'S LOVE IN BIHAR had the potential of going the BHEJA FRY way!

Rating - 1.5/5

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