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Jo Hum Chahein Movie Review

 Jo Hum Chahein
Director :  Pawan Gill
Music :  Sachin Gupta
Lyrics :  Kumaar
Starring :  Sunny Gill, Simran Kaur Mundi, Alyy Khan and Achint Kaur

Jo Hum Chahein Review

December 16, 2011 03:47:59 PM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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Fridays have always been one day actors, producers and directors look forward to. More so actors, because it decides their fate and clout at the Box Office. This Friday, two newcomers Sunny Gill and Simran Kaur Mundi will get a taste of what stardom and criticism is all about. It's one thing to aspire to be a star, it's another story how much effort you have put it. And effort shows, even if the director bungles.

Here, first time director Pawan Gill in a film produced by Aman Gill and the lead actor being Sunny Gill, bungles big time. He has two fresh faces but gives them a half-baked story to make a meal of. Obviously they will bungle.

The story is clumsy to the core. There's Rohan Bhatia (Sunny) a fresh graduate out to be the best in the stock market. His stock with the babes is on an all-time high. 'Girlfriend number 31,' says his father, an Army officer, when he drops in to meet him unannounced on graduation day. Rohan is your typical 24-year-old who thinks the world is at his feet. He runs into a seasoned pro Vikrant (Aly Khan) whose experience allows him to sense the desperation in Rohan's attitude. Vikrant uses Rohan to up his stock in the organization where Rohan is an intern.

view JO HUM CHAHEINmovie stills
view JO HUM CHAHEIN movie stills
In walks girl number 32, Neha Kapoor (Simran). She plays hard to get. Rohan steals his best buddies 'date book' for tips and manages to seduce her. Somewhere he falls in love with her, but then his moment in bed with a female client throws his well-set life off-track.

Nothing works in this film, the story, acting, songs or the locations. You can shoot gorgeous landscapes but ultimately it all boils down to the characters on screen who will make that defining difference whether the cinematography will be talked about or not.

The only performance of note is that of Aly Khan who brings in that intensity to his character that makes it very real. Cool, calm and calculated.

For Sunny and Simran, they will have to await the fate of another Friday!

Ratings : 1/5

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