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Movie Review : Always Kabhi Kabhi

 Always Kabhi Kabhi
Director :
Music :

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Starring :
 Roshan Abbas
 Aashish Rego, Shree D and Pritam Chakraborty
 Roshan Abbas, Amitabh Bhattacharya, Prashant Pandey and Irfan Siddique
 Ali Fazal, Giselle Monteiro, Zoa Morani, Satyajeet Dubey, Satish Shah, Lilette Dubey and Vijay Raaz

Always Kabhi Kabhi Movie Review

June 17, 2011 07:43:18 PM IST
By Rachana, Glamsham Editorial
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Every year a spate of teen movies is released and each trying to be cool and different in its attempt. Here comes another youthful, exuberant, romantic, trying-to-be novel in its approach film - ALWAYS KABHI KABHI. Let's check out if host-cum-radio jockey-turned-director Roshan Abbas has anything refreshing to offer.

Roshan Abbas' ALWAYS KABHI KABHI is said to be based on his successful play 'Graffiti', which he had written and directed way back in 1999. Abbas' concept is a tried, tested and established one what with films like (in recent past) F.A.L.T.U., 3 IDIOTS, ISI LIFE MEIN, etc emphasizing today's youth's troubles and tribulations. It seems Roshan got a bit late to enter the teen scene.

ALWAYS KABHI KABHI is a story which spins around the lives and aspirations of four high-school adolescents - Sameer aka Sam, Aishwarya aka Aishu/Aish, Taariq aka Einsten, Nandini aka Nandu the Bull, who are in their final year at St. Marks. The cool dude of the school and the modern day Romeo Sameer (Ali Fazal) loves living life to the fullest and his funda is simple i.e. to lead life through shortcuts. Sam's dream girl Aishwarya (Giselle Monteiro), the reticent yet very understanding pretty lady, who is a new entrant in the school, lives a life governed and planned out by her mom (Navneet Nishan). Taariq (Satyajeet Dubey), Sam's best friend and confidante, the ever charming, studious, knowledgable lad carries a dream (rather the pressure by his father) to get admission in a reputed college like MIT. Though he has tiffs with Nandini every now and then and tries to stay out of her sight, deep in his heart cares for her. Nandini (Zoa Morani), the firebrand, blunt, school brat lives life on her own terms, makes her own rules and she is the most envied girl in the school. You can't mess up with her. She may be a toughie from outside but within her lay a soft-hearted girl, who is craving for her parents' love.

Roshan Abbas' ALWAYS KABHI KABHI appears a collage work of all youth, teeny bopper films. He has blend in all the ingredients required to make a so-called teenage film - following your heart and chase your dreams, parents pressure, campus life, crushes, friendship, love, hero-heroine flirt, hang outs, career, generation gap, youngsters in trouble because of corrupt police, blah blah. ALWAYS KABHI KABHI repeats what has been told earlier and doesn't offer anything new.

Roshan's direction drifts at different levels and the kind of treatment given to the film also fluctuates to a great deal. While some sequences like Nandini's pregnancy have been dealt mildly then Taariq mistaken for suicide attempt is taken too seriously. Despite of different sequences, the film is clean and neat and attempts to be fun-filled. Roshan starts off with a campus love story and masti but ends up conveying messages to all the parents out there and aims to bridge the gap between the two generations. While the first half has light moments, the graph escalates towards the second half but drags.

download ALWAYS KABHI KABHI wallpapers
download ALWAYS KABHI KABHI wallpapers
The storyline is recycled and predictable. The dramatic incidents and the twists and turns in each of the characters' life are tasteless and don't leave any impact. However, the dialogues and one-liners have a youth flavour and do impress at some points. Cinematography by Fuwad Khan is fine.

For any youthful and romantic film music has to be melodious enough to have an impact but ALWAYS KABHI KABHI fails in that aspect. Also, too many songs and their abrupt emergence in the narrative acts as a deterrent to the flow. Even the promotional track picturised on Shahrukh Khan lacks appeal.

Roshan's ALWAYS KABHI KABHI truly stands out for its engaging performances and characterization. Must say Roshan has spent enough time in shaping up the characters, right casting and working on the acting skills of his fresh actors. Even without the support of the established or known or seasoned actors, the cast of the film performs splendidly. Ali Fazal (who was last seen in 3 IDIOTS) and Satajeet Dubey play their part well. Zoa Morani makes a convincing debut, looks confident and performs impeccably. She may not possess good looks but has a bright chance ahead. Like her debut film LOVE AAJ KAL (with Saif Ali Khan), Giselle has few dialogues and emotes mostly through her expressions. However, she struggles a bit. Other prominent artists like Satish Shah, Manoj Joshi, Mukesh Tiwari, Navneet Nishan, Lilette Dubey and Vijay Raaz are wasted with poorly defined roles.

The 'high school escapade' theme gets a stylish makeover, but doesn't make us yearn for our school days.

Rating - 2/5

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