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Married 2 America Movie Review

 Married 2 America
Director :  Dilip Shankar
Music :  Dr.Anwar Hussain
Lyrics :  Pt. Baijnath Gautam, Ibraham Ashq, K.L. Pandey and Anshal Pandre
Starring :  Jackie Shroff, Archana Joglekar, Shweta Tiwari, Raghuveer Yadav, Chetan Pandit, Ashok Samarth, Akhilendra Mishra and Ganesh Yadav

Married 2 America Movie Review

February 17, 2012 11:36:45 AM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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Director Dilip Shankar has tackled two conventional issues in a rather unconventional manner. This is clearly 'out of the box' thinking from the set pattern prevalent in Bollywood. He marries corruption in politics with matrimonial love and manages to highlight the plight of both. There is a strong voice that rises up against corruption. There's also the triumph of love. The protagonist learns the meaning of love interacting with two hard-core criminals and their ways with their wives!

The unconventional way Shankar has taken is a rather novel route. To his credit, he also has the casting spot-on with the exception of a Archana Joglekar, and extracts some fine performances from Ashok Samarth, Akhilendra Mishra, RaghuveerYadav, ChetanPanditand Jackie Shroff.

Ravi Malhotra (Chetan Pandit) is settled in America and is employed at Larson & Jason, which builds huge civil projects throughout the world. Dams and bridges are their forte. A recent dam project in India has gone awry. Three gates of the Darbhanga Dam in Bihar have burst open resulting in flooding, despite a 100-year warranty. Lives have been lost and many villages, wiped off. Ravi comes to India to investigate. What he finds is shocking and before he can present his side of the story to the authorities, he goes missing.

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view MARRIED 2 AMERICA posters
His wife Ajnali (Archana Joglekar) comes to India to follow the trail left by her husband? Will she ever find him? And will the truth come to life?

For most part, Shankar manages to keep up the intrigue with smart narrations. But he falls back in some flashback scenes which make a serious dent in his otherwise seamless plot. If he had managed to chop off around 15 minutes of screen time, he could have had a different story to tell.

Ashok Samarth gives a powerhouse performance as a reformed goon while Ahkilendra, Raghuveer, and Jackie too chip in with fine performances. Samarth first caught the eye in EK CHAALIS KI LAST LOCAL as inspector Malvankar. Here, he makes the film his own playground. Archana Joglekar is a casting error. A powerful character here could have lifted the movie several notches higher. The director wastes precious minutes unnecessarily on her character which takes away from the interesting position he has managed to get the plot to.

Shankar tackles a tricky issue where huge relief funds running into hundreds of crores of rupees from the central government are at stake. Lives mean nothing when it comes to the big bucks that are there for the taking for the politicians.This movie is a fearless attempt to expose the system as well as impose the power of love. It's also the better film of the week.

The three stars are for the performances, the twin topics and its execution. Kudos to Shankar for daring to be different.

Rating : 3/5

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