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   Movie Review : Anuranan

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Starring :
 Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury
 Tanmoy Bose and Aashis Rego
 Rahul Bose, Rituparna Sengupta, Raima Sen and Rajat Kapoor

By Martin D'Souza, Bollywood Trade News Network Send to Friend

view ANURANAN movie stills

view ANURANAN movie stills

ANURANAN begins with a breathtaking view of the lush green open spaces in London, goes on to capture more of the sublime beauty of the Himalayas and then in between there are two couples whose lives you are trying to figure out before the lights go out and the credits come rolling. What? You ask yourself. Is the movie over? I mean, is that it? Whatever happened to simple story telling? And why does the director leave so many unanswered questions that I bet even he did not have any answers to.

For starters, the movie goes through so many jerks, from the boardroom to the bedroom, that itís quite annoying. There is no fluidity in any one scene. In a hurry to reach the surprising climax, the director hastens the flow of scenes. In the bargain, even though the climax surprises, it falls flat because the issue has not been addressed and the one person who has all the answers, Raima Sen, decides to commit suicide. She fails though!

The official website describes ANURANAN as revolving around two couples. One is the successful and dynamic Rahul (Rahul Bose), an architect, and his pretty wife Nandita (Rituparna Sengupta), who remains traditionally conventional even though they have been living for some years in London. On their return to Kolkata, they become good friends with another couple Amit (Rajat Kapoor), a work-obsessed, real estate developer and his bright, effervescent wife Preeti (Raima Sen). The closeness of the foursome works as a see-saw, pitching this way and that, creating a resonance, a chord, that echoes through their present and future.

There is no see-saw as explained above. Rituparna Sengupta, who is always pining for a child screeches all throughout the first half. Rahul Bose goes through the motions of being a good husband and Rajat Kapoor, you feel has the hots for Nandita. But it is Raima Sen who is veering towards Rahul. Herein, lies the tragedy.

There is no substance in the relationship and it is not clear whether Rahul shares the same feelings for Preeti. But Preeti decides to go to the Himalayas where Rahul is working on a project, as her husband, Amit, has gone to London. The two register as husband and wife. Now, why on earth would Rahul do that is not clear, because he has not even touched Preeti to suggest that they would be spending a torrid night together. And they both sleep in separate rooms. And then there is the twist in the tale with Rahulís death.

There are too many questions left unanswered. Like why does Preeti not clear Rahulís name and tell the story as it is. And why does not Amit try to find out what it was that his wife was doing with Rahul up in the hills. I mean these are basic questions that one would want answers to and would like the director to address. Even the end is confusing. I guess, it is one of the two characters that the director has gotten lost with. He does not know whether it is Rahul he is trying to build up or the confusion of Preeti he is trying to showcase.

Of the cast, it is Raima Sen who stands head and shoulders above the rest. Her look has been well taken care of to give her that confusing air of a lost girl-child. Trapped in a loveless marriage she portrays well the angst every woman goes through with her expressive eyes and body language. She comes out unscathed from among the rubble of this Resonance!

For the record, this movie made in Bengali and which has made it to various fests ran for a record 100 days when it released last year in Kolkatta. I frankly donít know how many days it will see in the multiplexes all over India.

TO GO OR NOT: Frankly speaking, it will have a very, very niche audience.

Ratings : 1 / 5

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