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   Movie Review : Contract

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Music :

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Starring :
 Ram Gopal Varma
 Amar Mohile, Bappi-Tutul and Sana Kotwal
 Mehboob and Prashant Pandey
 Adhvik Mahajan, Amrita Khanvilkar, Sakshi Gulati , Prasad Purandare and Zakir Hussain

Contract Movie Review

July 19, 2008 2:22:49 PM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view CONTRACT videos

To put CONTRACT in the COMPANY of SATYA would be blasphemy. Even today, we hear "goli maar bheje mein" ricocheting from crowded locals, at picnic spots, or even at parties at home when there is singsong session underway. The song may have been a chartbuster, but the movie, too was a trendsetter in underworld crime. It cemented the fact that Ram Gopal Varma felt the pulse of organized crime. COMPANY reiterated that fact. But CONTRACT? Well, let's just say that it fails to match up to the above-mentioned films.

The posters of CONTRACT claim that Underworld meets Terrorism. But the manner in which RGV tries to bring out the concept is not convincing. In fact, there would not have been a CONTRACT if the hero, an army man, had shot down Sultan in the first place. I mean which commando listens to the spiel of a dreaded terrorist and allows him to escape? Especially when you are inches away from his forehead. But then again, if Sultan had been shot in the first reel, there would have been no CONTRACT for Aman (Adhvik Mahajan).

So Aman, inspired by the spiel given by Sultan decides to chuck his job in the army and spend time with his family instead. But when his wife and kid are killed in the blast, he takes up an offer to infiltrate into the underworld to reach the terrorists. But only one cop knows of his identity and he too is bumped off by the Home Minister (who has a nexus with Sultan). DON becomes increasingly familiar when Iftekar dies leaving Amitabh Bachchan in limbo. But Aman, now Amaan Ali is not worried even though he has the sister of underworld king RD as his fiancée! When she asks him why does not he reveal his identity he explains that killing one Sultan is not enough. There are many Sultans over this Sultan and he wants to finish them all, only then his Contract will end!

The manner in which Amaan is sent to prison with a fake identity and how he reaches RD and finally Sultan are stuff fantasy is made of. In reality, I don't believe the underworld or the terrorists are so naive as to recruit just about anybody from prison. That prison is the ground for 'recruitment' is a fair enough explanation.

Apart from RD (Sumeet Nijhawan) who networks with the Terrorists, there is also Goonga (Upendra Limaya) who networks with the government. He lives on sea with cohorts, some in ties, and a wife who is forever a nuisance. Attired in shorts from Fashion Street, Goonga talks 19 to the dozen. More than someone to be afraid of, his character turns out to be that of a joker. As for RD, he too is always in floaters, bermudas and hats. If you compare Zakir Husain as Sultan to the 'phone terrorist' of AAMIR, he falls flat.

As far as acting goes, Saakshi Gulati as Iya makes an impact. From a bimbo to one in love with Amaan she makes the transition with ease. Her raw charm and 'out of character' face which expresses every emotion seduces the camera with ease. Amruta Khanvilkar in her brief appearance also catches the eye. As for Adhvik, he has a good physique and is a decent performer.

If you venture to watch CONTRACT, don't expect to be in the COMPANY of SATYA!

Ratings : 2/5

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