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Movie Review : Shahrukh Bola Khoobsurat Hai Tu

 Shahrukh Bola Khoobsurat Hai Tu
Director :
Music :
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Starring :
 Makrand Deshpande
 Vasuda Sharma
 Makrand Deshpande & Vasuda Sharma
 Makrand Deshpande, Nagesh Bhonsle, Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Bola Khoobsurat Hai Tu Movie Review

November 20, 2010 04:35:10 PM IST
By Pankaj Sabnani, Glamsham Editorial
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Some years back, Neha Dhupia in an interview had said that in Bollywood, either sex sells or Shahrukh Khan. The makers of SHAHRUKH BOLA KHOOBSURAT HAI TU have perhaps tried to cash in on the latter. The 2003 film, MAIN MADHURI DIXIT BANNA CHAHTI HOON starring Antara Mali also did something similar, but didn't do well.

Makrand Deshpande, a known name in the theatre world ventures into Bollywood direction with SHAHRUKH BOLA KHOOBSURAT HAI TU. Interestingly, he is the same guy who was seen with Shahrukh Khan in the song, Yunhi chala chal Rahi from SWADES. He has acted in many films in the past.

Laali (Preetika Chawla) is a girl who sells flowers for a living. One day, a car stops right besides her, and the person who's sitting inside the car is none other than superstar Shahrukh Khan. He calls her beautiful, leaving her flabbergasted. This incident has a life-changing impact on her. She doesn't reciprocate bookseller John's love, who stabs her and envies Shahrukh. In her fantasy world, she believes that Shahrukh Khan will save her in all circumstances. A journalist sees this as a potential story and follows Laali and other people associated with her.

The concept of relationship between a fan and a star is definitely novel. But the execution by director Makrand Deshpande is pretty vapid here. The narrative is devoid of engaging moments making it a painful watch. One fails to understand whether it's from the journalist's point of view or the flower seller's. The ambiguous climax just adds to the woes.

Shot in actual locations, Makrand manages to give the film a realistic look. The editing by Sanjib Dutta is incoherent. Vasuda Sharma's music is good. But the copious songs spoil the film's flow.

Preetika Chawla is passable. Sanjay Dadheech is pathetic. Makrand Despande is good as the bad guy. Shahrukh Khan's cameo is excellent. The actress playing Champa delivers a superb performance.

Just having Shahrukh's name, without a good script, is not enough to salvage SHAHRUKH BOLA KHOOBSURAT HAI TU.

Rating: 1.5/5

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