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   Movie Review : Hulla

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Starring :
 Jaideep Varma
 Jaideep Varma
 Javed Akhtar
 Sushant Singh, Rajat Kapoor, Kartika Rane, Vrajesh Hirjee

Hulla Movie Review

September 22, 2008 12:49:29 PM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view HULLA videos

Sushant Singh (Raj) is a successful broker who is the star performer in his company. His wife Kartika Rane (Abha) is successful, too, in her marketing firm. Both are doing well financially and they move to a two-bedroom flat. Life seems to be rosy. Soon, their sleep is shattered. Actually, not Abha's, but Raj's. There's this incessant blowing of whistle and banging of the stick by the night watchman. On inquiring with the guard, Raj learns that this is the secretary's orders to keep the robbers at bay and also to ensure that the watchman does not sleep while on duty.

Raj meets the secretary to tell him of his woes; that he is not able to sleep at night and if possible can this practice be stopped. The Secretary (Rajat Kapoor) agrees to call for a society meeting but Raj finds no support. Moreover, he is even disturbed by the blast coming from the music system of his neighbour below. In short, everything disturbs Raj, so much, so that Abha is upset with his behaviour. It comes to a point where their relationship suffers and they have to sell off the house and move elsewhere. Abha, too wants time out, to spend with her parents before she decides whether she wants to go back to Raj.

HULLA is your average low budget film, which highlights the woes of the upper middle class.

Performance wise, Rajat Kapoor as the building secretary who is also into investing in shares apart from his private business enacts his role to the 'T'. Sushant Singh as someone who goes overboard with the sound of a whistle, night after night, is spectacular. Ditto Kartika who, as the tolerant wife also helping to meet with the expenses at home is adorable. The chemistry between the two (the understanding and then the realization that things are not working out is captured well by director Jaideep Varma). The elderly night watchman, too, puts in a performance worthy of applause.

All in all a decent fare.

Rating : 2/5

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