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Movie Review : Shaapit

Director :
Music :

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Starring :
 Vikram Bhatt
 Chirantan Bhatt, Nazam Sheraz and Aditya Narayan
 Sameer, Nazam Sheraz and Aditya Narayan
 Aditya Narayan, Shweta Agarwal, Rahul Dev and Shubh Joshi

Shaapit Movie Review

March 20, 2010 03:28:24 PM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view SHAAPIT movie stills

view SHAAPIT movie stills

Vikram Bhatt begins with a bang and ends with a whimper. After a resounding first 20 minutes, he labours for the next two hours setting up screeches and screams and pulse-pounding music. The story just goes on and on, moving twice to 350 years ago and one flashback sequence even looking like 21st century we are living in!

SHAAPIT is about a curse handed down to a royal family by the father of a daughter who worked in the royal family. The girl committed suicide as the King's younger son tried to rape her. The family was cursed; no girl in that family would ever get married and even if they tried, they would be killed. Kaaya (Shweta Agarwal) is one such unfortunate girl. But she does not know her fate and is told too late. Aman (Aditya Narayan) gifts her an engagement ring on her birthday and that's when things go horribly wrong. They meet with an accident, but fortunately escape unhurt. Not to complicate things further, Kaaya's mother tells her of the curse.

But Aman is too deeply in love with Kaaya and wants to help break the curse. He seeks the help of professor Pashupathi (Rahul Dev) who deals with the spirit world. His best friend and Kaaya help him in this mission.

While the first 20 minutes engages you, the same cannot be said of the remainder of the movie. Yes, it scares you at times but also gets too tedious. In between, they (Aman & Co) unearth another spirit, which is troubling the royal family. Confusing, as both have no connection. Does Bhatt forget his plot?

Aditya Narayan is surprisingly super confident. He has style, diction and a good screen presence. An ideal launch vehicle for the young lad who is in every frame of the movie. Shweta gets no scope as she slips into a coma in the second half.

It's a relief actually, when the movie ends. 
Rating - 1.5/5

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