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Movie Review : Bird Idol

 Bird Idol
 Jyotin Goel

Bird Idol Movie Review

April 24, 2010 04:00:05 PM IST
By Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view BIRD IDOL movie poster

view BIRD IDOL movie poster

Any average movie goer would realise three golden rules when it comes to a film making. One is of course making the film well. Secondly, market and promote it well. And thirdly, release it well. And of course, if the second and the third rules are non-existent, no amount of effort gone into getting the first rule bang-on can help a film. Especially so when it belongs to the genre (animation) which hasn't seen a single success ever since HANUMAN.

Lack of marketing and promotion isn't the sole reason though which makes BIRD IDOL a passť experience. The fact is that even as a film, it is no great shakes either that would make you jump with joy. Yes, it is of course far better than those dozen odd mythological animation films that have been made in the last 4-5 years. In that aspect, at least BIRD IDOL is different because it talks about current times. The times when cell phones and reality shows are the way of life. No, not just for human beings but also birds.

It is this exposure to technology and television that forms the core of BIRD IDOL even as the protagonists (birds here, of course) fight 'sadiyon puraane reeti riwaaz' to enjoy a living despite opposition coming from elders due to 'inter species' marriage. Leaving the biological complications aside, one still goes ahead with the characters because this is after all an animation film. So here we have a bunch of youngsters who form their own band and participate in a musical show 'Bird Idol'. Obviously designed on the lines of 'Indian Idol', BIRD IDOL also takes a dig on politics that happens in front of camera and behind it.

Director of BIRD IDOL, Jyotin Goel, has directed only three movies in the past and incidentally each of them has been with Sanjay Dutt - INAM DUS HAZAR (1987), ZAHREELAY (1990) and SAFARI (1999). However, for his comeback film, he has opted for birds as his protagonists. It could well have been a little enticing for kid audience had they not been exposed to much superior Hollywood fare in the recent past. With a dozen odd satellite channels dedicated to kids and other related software available on internet and DVDs, a film has to be extra special to make kids force their parents to ferry them into theaters.

However, neither the characters make much of an impression nor are the promos (of whatever seen so far) are exciting which only results in a passive response from the target audience. This is where the second and the third rule fail as there is zilch awareness around the film. Worse, BIRD IDOL has released with four other films and there is no respite ahead with HOUSEFULL arriving next weekend. Really, this is not the kind of deal that the makers would have been happy to settle down with.

Eventually, the fate of BIRD IDOL can be expected to be in lines similar to that of most of its counterpart films from animation industry i.e. find some viewing on home video and satellite channels.

Rating - 2/5

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