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Dam999 Movie Review

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Starring :
 Sohan Roy
 Sohan Roy, Sajeev Sarathie and Nivedya
 Rajit Kapoor, Joshua Fredric Smith, Linda Arsenio, Jaala Pickering, Aashish Vidyarthi, Vinay Rai, Vimala Raman, Megha Burman, Harry Key, Jineet Rath

Dam999 Review

November 24, 2011 07:55:18 PM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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There's a dam of emotions building up in Parliament and it might just erupt if not kept in check. MMDK supporters in Tamil Nadu have succeeded in banning this movie in their state. Their contention is that the film refers to the Mullaperiyar Dam and it supports Kerala. The filmmakers on the other hand refute the charges and say they only want to highlight the dangers of an old dam.

According to a report in the leading publication, Syam Kuruppu, CEO of Biz TV, the makers of DAM999, is quoted to have said: 'The movie doesn't even mention the names Mullaperiyar, Kerala or Tamil Nadu anywhere. It has no political or regional leanings. All we want to do is create awareness about the dangers of an old dam. In fact, some of the major technicians of the film are from Tamil Nadu.'

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As far as the movie is concerned the dam bursts only towards the end. Before that there are veiled references to it and it is in fact a love story that opens out on the screen.

Sohan Roy has an interesting topic but I guess, his leaning is more towards the emotions locked within a human body and its final release along with the flow of water. How do you contain a love in your heart which you cannot express? Especially when the person you love is before your eyes and you know that astrology will not permit the union of the two lovers. The movie also deals with Ayurveda and its magical cures. Then there's that political angle where a Mayor is keeping his people thirsting for water.

view DAM999 stills
view DAM999 stills
This is where Sohan goes wrong; he is trying too many things in one go. Astrology, Ayurveda, politics, dam issues and a complicated love story. He is not able to weave in all these aspects seamlessly and this is what creates a crack in the wall.
Moreover, having a film in 3D and not making maximum use of its magical effects on the viewer ought to be a waste. It's only towards the last five minutes that you can actually feel the waves rushing towards you, knocking you off your seat.

Vinay (Vinay Rai) and Meera (Vimala Raman) have grown up together. Theirs is a love that is foregone. However, Vinay marries a foreigner, the daughter of his first officer little knowing the reason for Meera's stoic silence. This love story is against the backdrop of Vinay's friendship with Captain Fredrick Brown (Joshua Fredrick Smith) and his wife Razia (Megha Burman). Fredrick comes from the English Lineage of the Browns who have been in colonial rule and his brother-in-law Durai (Ashish Vidyarthi) is the wicked link in the plot. Rajit Kapur is the expert in astrology and medicine.

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Linking these characters and establishing their involvement in the plot is where the movie produces a leak. Roy spends too much time in the hide-and-seek between Vinay and Meera, wasting too much screen time in establishing their romance or rather the lack of it.

Were the energies channelized into establishing the Dam and its 999 years of lease and the tragedy that can come through politics and faulty construction, it would have been a force to reckon with at the Box Office.

Rating - 2.5/5

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