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Movie Review : Runway

Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Sunil Tiwari
 Shamir Tandon
 Shabbir Ahmed
 Amarjeet Shukla, Tulip Joshi, Lucky Ali, Deepal Shaw, Shahwar Ali, Sharat Saxena and Rauf Lala

Runway Movie Review

June 27, 2009 10:54:39 AM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Bollywood Trade News Network
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Occasionally, there comes a movie, which defies the logic of filmmaking. RUNWAY, is one such film. Everything about the movie is below par, but for the peppy beats, which takes away the boredom as you are assaulted with one senseless scene after another

It's as though a few, bored moneybags got together and said, ''Let's do a film.'' Forget script, forget technical expertise, and forget acting, too!

I reproduce below the official synopsis given during the press screening.


Official Synopsis: Allan is a twenty-five old dashing young boy... Who becomes a contract killer to save his love Melvina. Melvina had unfortunately fallen prey to drug addiction and other complications raised their ugly head due to prolonged drug abuse. Allan wants to save her at any cost so to arrange quick money for her treatment he takes contract to kill the billionaire casino owner victor who is in Marutius staying with his Brother and wife...Allan lands in marutius to accomplish his task stays in a hotel and leaves to do his job...leaving behind the briefcase ( containing his passport, money and other important papers etc.) in his hotel room on his return to the hotel after killing victor Allan is shocked to find his briefcase missing from the hotel Allan has to leave marutius as soon as possible so he checks out of the hotel to find a solution but as soon as he comes out of the hotel he is attacked by some underworld contract killer Khalid . Allan is completely perplexed. As he is once again to run away from that place in Mrs. Rawail's car and takes a forced shelter in her house and he contact Mr. Anthony in India and explains the predicament he is in... Anthony gives him name and address of a bar dancer Shaina, who would be able to help him ....Allan leaves in this meanwhile again there is an encounter between Allan and Khalid any how Allan eventually reaches ''Lucky spot'' beer bar where he meets Shaina who takes him to Lala who is a cab driver and also deals in making of passport . Allan who is completely exhausted by now shares with Shaina the real reason for him coming to marutius but Allan's life still has worst set backs in store for him as through Friend call he comes to know that his love Melvina has already left this world for ever . Allan is completely broken Shaina consoles him and commits to help him in all possible ways. Next day Khalid reaches Shaina's house and take her at gunpoint to know where abouts of Allan...Allan again manages to save himself and Shaina too...Khalid who is chased by the police...gets engaged in encounter with police


End of synopsis

The synopsis is as hilarious as the movie itself!

Lucky Ali as Khalid makes a strong statement for negative roles while Amarjeet who makes his debut, will like to quickly forget this film. However, to be fair to the boy, he has screen presence but will have to work a lot harder.

For the rest, I'd say it was a good paid holiday in Mauritius or is it marutius!!!

Rating - 0.5/5

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