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   Movie Review : Aa Dekhen Zara

 Aa Dekhen Zara
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Jehangir Surti
 Gourov Dasgupta and Pritam Chakraborty
 Sheershak Anand, Irshad Kamil, Syed Gulrez and Prashant Pandey
 Neil Nitin Mukesh, Bipasha Basu, Rahul Dev and Sophie Choudry

Aa Dekhen Zara Movie Review

March 28, 2009 2:33:59 PM IST
By Rachana, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view AA DEKHEN ZARA videos

view AA DEKHEN ZARA videos

Time-n-again it is proved that Bollywood has still a long way to go and polish itself in futuristic, sci-fi thrillers zone. First-time director Jehangir Surti's so-called fast paced sci-fi thriller AA DEKHEN ZARA is another good example of sort.

Jehangir who had a very interesting concept at the helm of AA DEKHEN ZARA - using a gizmo - a camera that can look into the future, had all the chance to explore and give away an exhilarating thriller. But the slick thriller that starts off well fades away just after the first hour. Post interval it loses its sheen as the script seems to go haywire with no specific direction. The post interval portions have been written without much imagination with convenient co-incidences coming up at regular intervals.


Ray Acharya (Neil Nitin Mukesh), a seeking work, freelance wild-life photographer inherits such a magical, antique-looking camera from his grandpa (Biswajeet) that changes things overnight for him. How? Well the camera has the special ability to reveal the future through the photographs taken from it (but it only takes pictures 24 hours into the future). As anyone in Ray's place would have done, he takes a peek into the future and bets on horses, lotteries and stock market through photographs. And starts enjoying life with his girlfriend Simi (Bipasha) who works as a DJ in a night club. The audience roots for Ray as he starts winning the horse races and lotteries thanks to his future seeing camera. But Ray soon discovers that the camera has mysterious powers. It shows the future, including Ray's impending death. Suddenly this camera with special powers becomes a national issue and many hands try to grab it including one Captain (Rahul Dev). Now Ray has to keep the camera safe from the evil forces headed by Captain.

AA DEKHEN ZARA is painfully inconsistent and doesn't even stay true to its own wrapped logic. Picture this; suddenly the camera which can only take pictures 24 hours into the future, as told in the beginning, takes the photographs of the happenings six days away, in the latter part of the movie.

view AA DEKHEN ZARA movie stills

view AA DEKHEN ZARA movie stills

After winning wide accolades & awards for the stupendous performance in his debut flick JOHNNY GADDAR, all expectations were pinned on Neil for AA DEKHEN ZARA. But Neil appears expressionless for most part of the movie and fails to leave any mark as the film doesn't offer him much scope to perform. Bipasha is glowing by the day, she looks hotter & fit but sadly even her character has been given limited horizon unlike what she could do with a thriller like RACE. Not only the performances of the lead actors, but even the desired chemistry lacked between Neil-Bipasha. Sophie Chaudhary who is playing a R. A. W. agent in the film is utterly wasted. Her presence is hardly felt. Rahul Dev is okay in his part but his character could have been developed in a better way.


One thing is worth mentioning that despite of several flaws and loopholes in the script the film manages to keep you on the edge of your seat, nah, not because of the characters or story but because you get hooked to know about the futuristic events shown by this magical camera.

Could have been better fare had the director & writer worked on the script part harder.

Psst... Is the director hinting a sequel in the last reel? AA DEKHEN ZARA

Rating: 2/5

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