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 Raju Khan
 Lalit Pandit
 Sayeed Qadri
 Tushar Jalota, Mrinalini Sharma, Gulshan Grover.

By Martin D'Souza, Bollywood Trade News Network Send to Friend

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View Showbiz Movie Stills

Though the tagline of SHOWBIZ reads “the dark side of fame’, it has actually nothing to do with fame, but everything to do with television channels hungry for a scoop. Choreographer Raju Khan makes his debut behind the camera tackling an issue which requires the sensitivity of a veteran, but what he cooks up is amateurish stuff at its best.

True, there may be channels fabricating stories to push the TRP’s to get viewer eyeballs. True, there may be some news on television we see where the tapes may have been edited before airing them. It may also be true that television is going berserk trying to keep pace with the number of channels mushrooming and wanting to stay on top of the heap, come what may. But is what SHOWBIZ sensationalising true??? That’s a multi-million dollar question.

NNN News is one such television station where its owner, Gulshan Grover hires some journos, who can be classified as goons. And they do just that… what goons will do… twist a story to suit their need. And they make it a point to proudly say that they are “Journalists”. But what Raju Khan fails to show is the balance between the media and the glamour world. How the media is being used by those wanting their fame and moment under the sun. It’s a two-way street but what is shown is a one-sided view. How far it’s true, I don’t know. There may be instances of fabricated stories being aired to boost TRPs but that does not mean all television stories are fabricated!!

View Showbiz Movie Stills

View Showbiz Movie Stills

Tushar Jalota makes his debut as Rohan Arya, a much sought after singer. The media henchmen, if I may call them so, headed by Sushant Singh (brilliant job) goes after fabricating one story after another using him (Tushar) as the prop. They even go to the extent of almost getting him killed in a car accident (sic) and to sensationalize it further, pour alcohol in his mouth while another pulls down the zipper of the blouse of the woman involved in the accident. If this is what television journos do to earn their living, then this has to be a scoop by producer Mukesh Bhatt!!!

Mrinalini Sharma is pleasing. She has the spark. Tushar Jalota too, makes a decent debut.

To go or not: I was the only one in the theatre when the movie started. Five minutes later, two more joined in… Need I say more!

Ratings : 1 / 5

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