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   Movie Review : Via Darjeeling

 Via Darjeeling
Director :
Music :
Starring :
 Arindam Nandy
 Prabuddha Banerjee
 Kay Kay Menon, Parvin Dabbas,Prashant Narayanan, Rajat Kapoor.

Via Darjeeling Movie Review

June 28, 2008 1:05:34 PM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Bollywood Trade News Network
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This movie is an experiment that has come out with flying colours. It intrigues, involves and thrills you as a viewer. You are not just a mute spectator but are as actively involved, as the friends are who are discussing the missing link in the plot. At the end, it does not give you all the answers but leaves you with a lingering feeling or what if, or why this... Director Arindam Nandy ends the movie cleverly as Sonali Kulkarni goes to open the door for Vinay Pathak with a smile on her face. No easy answers here. But if you have engrossed yourself in the proceedings, you can draw an easy conclusion. But I'm sure every viewer will have his or hers.

So what is the plot? Ankur (Kay Kay Menon) and Rimli (Sonali Kulkarni) are on their honeymoon in Darjeeling. On the day they have to return home, Ankur has a fight with the rash hotel driver. He comes in fuming even as the hotel manager tries to pacify him. Rimli is upset because Ankur lost his cool. She then asks him to prolong their honeymoon at the place. Though he initially agrees he tells her they cannot prolong because he has an important meeting coming up. Cut to Ankur switching on the television set and Rimli going in for her shower. The phone rings and the next thing you know is that Ankur has disappeared from his hotel room.

Rimli goes berserk, she request the hotel authorities to call the cops. In comes Robin Datt (Vinay Pathak). Questions flow, Rimli is asked to think with a clear head. The rash driver is called in for questioning and in the process we are told that Rimli was being stalked by a man.

Cut to two years later where Vinay Pathak is narrating this incident to his friends who are having a drinking session. There's Rajat Kapoor and his wife Simone Singh, in whose house the party is, Sandhya Mridul and Proshant Narayanan. Everyone wants to know what happened to Ankur. Robin does tell his friends that he did try to find out more, but since Rimli's father was an influential man, his superiors told him not to bother as the case was closed.

What follows is an interesting twist where each friend tries to narrate what could have happened to Ankur and Rimli not knowing that Robin does know a little bit of what happened to Ankur because he spotted him a few months ago with a woman who is present in the room!

Kay Kay Menon is once again in his elements. Sonali Kulkarni is a revelation. Displaying a wide range of emotions, she simply rocks. The script has given this actress the license to thrill. And she does it in style. Rajat Kapoor, Simone Singh, Sandhya Mridul and Parvin Dabbas as the stalker all combine well to complement the others. Proshant Narayanan, to my mind, gives a powerhouse performance. His demeanor, body language, dialogue delivery are all in sync with the moment.

Kudos to Arindam for depicting the drinking session superbly. The mood, the lighting, the dialogues, the dancing... It's a lesson for anyone wanting to pull off a scene with aplomb. Of course, that he has the support of such wonderful actors makes it even easier.

To reveal a bit of the end would be cheating you as a viewer. I suggest, if you are the one who likes to get involved in the script, this movie is just for you. I'm sure the producers know that this here is no box office bonanza. They have ventured into getting their creative juices flowing rather than raking in the moolah with a senseless script and mundane performances.

However, there is one jarring line that does not make sense to me. In one instance, Robin says that Rimli went missing, when it was Ankur who went missing. Now, is this a flaw? Robin is the cop, so how could he make this error. Even if he did, the others could have pointed it out. Or did the director overlook this blunder?

If you readers are game, I will give you my conclusion two days later, after you have posted yours!

Ratings : 3/5

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