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Movie Review : Tere Mere Phere

 Tere Mere Phere
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Deepa Sahi
 Shivangi R Kashyap
 Shivangi R Kashyap
 Sasha Goradia, Vinay Pathak, Riya Sen, Jagrat Desai

Tere Mere Phere Movie Review

September 29, 2011 07:00:41 PM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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There's a lot of screeching and a whole lot of screaming. Not to mention bad acting. There's a story, but no plot. For the record, this is Deepa Sahi's directorial debut.

view Tere Mere Phere Movie Stills
view Tere Mere Phere Movie Stills

Darshan Jariwala is sitting on a sofa whenever he is on screen. Ditto Sushmita Mukherjee who is also given a mobile phone as a prop. Anup Jalota, as co-producer, makes a one minute appearance as the father of the bride. Vinay Pathak is caught between a warring couple, literally, and only shines in the first few minutes. Later, he gropes, as he struggles to make sense of the situation. You could safely say he is as bamboozled as you or me watching the screen!

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TERE MERE PHERE leaves you in a spin! Rahul and Pooja (newcomers Jagrat Desai and Sasha Goradia) are newly married and already in warzone. As their plane takes off for their honeymoon, somewhere in a small town in the Himalayas, their bickering breaks into a free-for-all, which leaves the pilot injured. With no option left, the second-in-command has to take the aircraft back to where they came from. There's commotion at the airport with each one wanting to reach their destination. But here's the catch: the next flight leaves in two days. Furious, the passengers want to know who started the fight. Fearing their wrath, Rahul and Pooja try to sneak off in their customized van, but not before Jai (Vinay Pathak), catches up with them, brandishes a revolver and ask them to take him to his destination - a 10-hour drive.

In between this journey, unravels the story of Rahul and Pooja and Jai.

Taking the director's baton for the first time, Deepa falls flat. Incidentally, she's also credited with the writing (with Jagrat) and Screenplay and dialogues. Jagrat and Sasha, to be fair, show some promise as actors in a few scenes. But the only one to shine is the boy who plays the younger brother of Rahul.

TERE MERE PHERE is a merry-go-round, which leaves you a bit wobbly in the head.

Ratings : 0.5/5

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