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Kya Yahi Sach Hai Movie Review

 Kya Yahi Sach Hai
Director :  Y.P. Singh
Music :  Nirmal Augustaya, Rooshin Dalal, Santosh Anand and Vishal Khurana
Lyrics :  Ibrahim Ashq, Santosh Anand, Vishal Khurana, Naseem Ansari and Nirmal Augastaya
Starring :  Ashok Beniwal, Bobby Vats, Nilesh Malhotra, Saurabh Dubey and Raju Mavani

Kya Yahi Sach Hai Review

December 30, 2011 06:18:15 PM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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Former IPS Officer Y P Singh's maiden directorial venture, based on the novel Carnage of Angels, is an honest attempt to bring the truth to light.

Police officers of the highest ranks are shown groveling like dogs at the feet of the Home Minister! Kya Yehi Sach Hai?

There's an elderly police officer begging to be made Mumbai's Police Commissioner. In return he is willing to sign on any documents the Home Minister tells him to! Kya Yehi Sach Hai?

Home Secretary and Chief Secretaries, too are falling at the feet of this Home Minister based in Mumbai! Kya Yehi Sach Hai?

And when an honest IPS officer sets on a crusade to clean the city of its ills, he is given no support by his seniors! Kya Yehi Sach Hai?

All the seniors, including the Home Minister, Police Commissioner and the Chief Secretary are busy trying to pull down this honest IPS officer instead of concentrating their energies on running their office for the benefit of the citizens! Kya Yehi Sach Hai?

view KYA YAHI SACH HAI movie poster
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This movie focuses on the malaise that affects the police force, in particular the nexus they allegedly run with criminals and those running unethical businesses. Hafta is their extra income that allows them to live a lavish lifestyle and when an honest officer comes along in the form of Raghu Kumar, they feel threatened. Instead of helping him fight crime and criminals, they gang up against him.

The story per say has nothing new. We have seen a zillion scenes in movies where cops and ministers run their rackets. Another drawback is that the film drags at a slow pace. You know what is going to come next and still Singh takes a long time to bring the scene to an end and move on to the next. Also, the narrative would have done with a little more technical expertise.

All in all, it's a brave attempt by someone from within the community to bring to light the dark secrets of the police force. On that front this film scores big time.

Rating - 2/5

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