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3G Movie Review: Where's the connection?

Director :  Shantanu and Sheershak
Music :  Mithoon, Amar Mohile
Lyrics :  Mithoon
Starring :  Neil Nitin Mukesh, Sonal Chauhan

March 15, 2013 11:29:20 AM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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It has taken two geniuses to come up with this trash. One is Sheershak Anand and the other is Shantanu Ray Chhibber. Both these gentlemen have directed this so-called thriller, with scant respect for the audience.

The verdict:
It's an instant disconnect.

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This could have been the possible scenario for why there is no sense of flow in the movie. Sheershak Anand could have been in charge of the smooching scenes between Neil Nitin Mukesh and Sonal Chauhan. I would like to believe that Shantanu Ray Chibber was nowhere on the sets while this was being filmed.

Next day, when it was his turn, he might have heard from the unit what a fabulous 'smooching pair' the two actors make. Chibber would have then said, ''Let's can some more kissing scenes.''

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At the final cut they might have realized that there are no other scenes, so they might have hurriedly canned a few shots to stich the kissing scenes together to give it a 'movie feel'. So what you have in the end is called 3G.

It could have easily been called Ae Ji or O Ji or Lo Ji or Suno ji.

If Emraan Hashmi and Mallika Sherawat see this film, they are surely going to be red in the face. I mean, they are supposed to be the 'serial kissers' and Neil makes a meal here on screen. Why, even Shakti Kapoor's antics on screen seem school boyish in front of these two. It really turns you off!

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view 3G stills

About the scenes that I was talking about between the kissing scenes; it makes no sense. Actually, there is never any connection!

There should be a law where filmmakers are asked to be accountable if they take the audience for a ride. This is no way to treat someone who will be shelling out hard-earned cash.

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Neil Nitin Mukesh is a fine actor who is made to look like someone modeling for trousers. He needs to do a complete rethink of the choices of films he takes on. Sonal, on the other hand, is just ready to pucker up at the sound of ''action''.

To top it, this entire exercise has been shot in the Fiji Islands.

Walk in at your own risk.

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