A FLYING JATT Movie Review: An amusing comic con 'pollute'

A Flying Jatt
Director : Remo D'Souza
Music : Sachin-Jigar
Lyrics : Vayu-Raftaar and Priya Saraiya
Starring : Tiger Shroff, Jacqueline Fernandez, Nathan Jones and Kay Kay Menon

August 24, 2016 6:20:36 PM IST
updated October 24, 2016 12:06:08 PM IST
A Flying Jatt Review By Vishal Verma, Glamsham Editorial
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Surprise surprise!! Remo D'Souza's A FLYING JATT is a comic drama on pollution thrown on us that plays on our expectations from a super hero flick.

Continuing the callowness in Bollywood makers in designing an indie 'desi' super hero A FLYING JATT starring the dependable in the making Tiger Shroff is nothing more than a preachy appeasement for comic con nerds.


Like previous Bollywood's Hollywood inspired super hero inspirations like the E.T. inspired 'Jadu' in Hrithik's KOI.. MIL GAYA or MAN OF STEEL plus others inspiration in the latest KRRISH series or an amalgamation of all in the terrible RA. ONE starring SRK, Remo Dsouza's A FLYING JATT goes further weird and asks for some divine influence.

Honestly we didn't expected Remo to hip hop into the super hero genre from his comfortable dance based moonwalks - the successful ABCD series to give us a high fly in this genre but at least we expected a super hero flick if not a super hero blockbuster.

A FLYING JATT like it's all inspired costume changes gears from being funny, spoofy super hero to a preachy mascot on how to make a pollution free world that makes the movie divided in two different universes in both half's that makes us wonder.

Though not a complete waste like last week's MOHENJO DARO that starred Tiger's idol Hrithik Roshan, A FLYING JATT exploits the known potential of Tiger to the fullest and adds comic shades to it in this predictable plot written by Remo and Tushar Hiranandani with Aakash Kaushik and Madhur Sharma doing the additional screenplay work. (what additional?). If Aakash and Madhu are the reasons for the 'pollution' part then sue them.

Aman (Tiger) is a martial art teacher somewhere in Punjab. Aman lives with his alcoholic mother (Amrita Singh) and a brother played by Aakash Kaushik. Aman is never taken seriously by anyone. A greedy businessman Malhotra (Kay Kay Menon) is an industrialist whose factories pollute the city with its dump.

Malhotra wants to build a bridge connecting his factory to the colony where Aman lives to save time and get easy access to road for transport. A river separates Malhotra's factory and Aman's colony owned by his father who was a warrior Sikh which is guarded by a tree that has turned sacred due to an embedded divine symbol of Sikhs.

Aman's mother refuses to sell the land to Malhotra and insults him. Malhotra gets a monster in the body of a human Raka (Nathan Jones) to cut the sacred tree and make way for the bridge.

A tussle between Aman and Raka results in Aman gaining super powers for good and Raka for bad. As logistics are not seriously thought upon in this genre, the rest is the war between the good and the evil with obvious results and a forced message on global warming and pollution thrown in while in between Shraddha Kapoor makes a special entry and the highly hyped 'beat pe booty' pops up from nowhere.

The spoofy and fun elements are the major highlights with scenes between Tiger and Amrita making the audience laugh. Tiger's fear from height in spite being a super hero and his clumsy and comic adventures as a super hero save the day.

Tiger is in his complete element and is fantastic. Amrita Singh is a delight. Aakash Kaushik is good. K. K. Menon is excellent. Nathan Jones is terrifically menacing. Jacqueline Fernandez fulfills the requirement.

Surprisingly A FLYING JATT scores on its comic elements and lighter moments and not on action though the man to man combat between Tiger and Jones is good but the expected sweep, thrill from a super hero flick is clearly missing. VFX is passable. Music by Sachin Jigar has caught the attention. Vijay Kumar Arora's cinematography is fine. Editing by Nitin Fcp has nothing to rave about. In fact technicalities are plain okay which is another drawback in a super hero adventure.

Like many dream bollywood projects, A FLYING JATT certainly appeared good on paper. It had a simple comical character having super powers with genuine feeling and big laughs standing for something essential for the mankind.

But Remo in his free style filmmaking inspired from free style dancing seems to have put together an amalgamation of assorted inspirations that were never assembled into one coherent storyline.

The climax on moon sequence is an indication that how a figment of imagination can turn into an embarrassing situation if tackily handled and executed. Its unintentionally hilarious.

Watch it for the intended and unintended fun and pun.

 A Flying Jatt Review Rating : 
2/5 stars
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