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 Aap Ka Surroor - The Moviee
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 Prashant Chadha
 Himesh Reshammiya
 Himesh Reshammiya, Mallika Sherawat, Hansika Motwani

By Martin D'Souza, Bollywood Trade News Network Send to Friend

View Aap Ka Surror Movie StillsThe tagline suggests it’s the ‘Real Luv Story’. Frankly, you could call it the biggest disaster. It’s not even half as exciting as Himesh Reshammiya hits, the earlier ones. This is what happens when you have ‘well-meaning’ (read chamchas) friends around you when you are successful, who tell you, you can sing and dance, now try acting. Just like the story we heard in school ‘The Emperor’s new Clothes’. Fact is, it took a little girl to tell the Emperor, that he in fact was wearing no clothes as he was being paraded naked around town gloating about his lovely gown!

But who will tell HR this. Probably he should sit in a multiplex and catch the audience reaction first-hand. No, they do not ‘boo’ every time he comes on screen; they just take off with madness-like glee ridiculing his every move. Let’s gets straight to the point.  Himesh cannot act. And it would be best he sticks to doing what he does best, music, because that’s what has got him recognition and a ‘rock-star’ like status which he has exploited as a theme for AAP KA SUROOR. At best, this movie is like a long, extended music video.

When it’s time for HR to deliver a dialogue, you fear for him because he has just one set of expression throughout and just one tone. No voice modulation here, no body language. He has that same well-rehearsed look he gives in all his music videos from under his cap. Yes, that reminds me, he has his cap on throughout the movie, even when he is in jail in Germany and surprisingly, even when he comes out of an upturned Mini Cooper which somersaults many times in the air before crashing. Is not that a good theme for a fevicol ad???!!!

View Aap Ka Surror Movie StillsIn short, this is not a movie, it’s an ego trip that Himeshbhai has gone on, funded by himself, I guess. The real star is Hansika Motwani. She has oodles of charm, and super confidence.

The promo blitz about Mallika Sherawat being paid a huge sum for this movie now falls flat. Yes, Mallika is there but with no substance. Even the much-touted song from SHOLAY, ‘Mehbooba Mehbooba’ is a disaster. In fact, I’d say it was not even required. But I guess, it is being used to bait the viewers, which I’m sure after the first week, no viewer will bite.

Even the ushers in the movie hall were so eager for the movie to end, that 15 minutes before time, they opened the exit gates!

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